10 Brands Getting Creative With Content On TikTok


With more than one billion users on the social media platform, TikTok has to be one of the most popular platforms in more than one fifty countries all around the world. This social media platform has more than eight hundred million active users every month and is the most downloaded app all over the world. If your brand has not yet jumped on the bandwagon, now would be the best place to get likes on TikTok and start posting. It is never too late to start building a presence on this social media platform, especially when TikTok is one of the most powerful and effective marketing tools for the brands. By producing and creating content, you are finding new ways to reach your target audiences apart from just partnering with content creators on TikTok. 

Being a global phenomenon, brands find it to be one of the easiest ways to interact with their target audience and tap into target audiences all around the world. While most of the users of TikTok were from Gen Z, now the platform is attracting more millennials and even Gen X. One thing is for certain: TikTokers are taking the stage for bold business branding and creative content.

So, which are the ten brands that are getting creative with their content on TikTok? 

Top 10 Brands With Creating Compelling Content On TikTok

1. Starting With The NBA 

The NBA recognized the potential of TikTok quite early on, which is why the brand has more than twelve million followers and almost three hundred likes. When compared to the content the brand posts on Instagram and YouTube, the NBA makes sure that the content they post on TikTok are comparatively more casual and amusing. The brand also shares motivational content of the player when they are on the court. 

2. Guess 

Being a fashion house that is well known around the world, and with a loyal client base, the brand produces content on TikTok as well. They focus on ideas like how individuals can spend their free time, but keep in mind, by wearing nothing but the products of the brand. The brand specializes in producing and creating content that is extremely close to real life. While Guess does post short videos of models, they also add in content that has been produced by content creators who are known as influencers, which allows the brand to promote their ideas and concepts outside TikTok as well. 

3. Chipotle 

Coming to Chipotle, they prioritize interactions and engagement among their audience, especially in the form of challenges and hashtags. They created their own challenges and hashtags, and encouraged their consumers to use them and partake in the challenges. 

4. Sephora 

There are a number of beauty brands who are on TikTok, but Sephora is another league on its own. The brand collaborates with beauty gurus, content creators, influencers and they share their routines which shows the texture of the products of the brand, which are zoomed in, in high quality videos. This marketing tactic helped in familiarizing the audiences with not only the texture of the product but with the use of the products which helps in increasing the sale of the product. Which is why their videos are so appealing and the brand makes sure to experiment with new videos and concepts. 

5. Netflix 

This brand has the ability to make content out of everything. Netflix uses clips of the shows they have on their platform and not only creates memes out of them but it also helps in creating an area of interest and hype for every clip they post. This brand literally makes the most out of the shows and the films, and this also allows them to save time and money when it comes to promoting new shows and films. 

6. Crocs 

This has to be that one brand that focuses on product placement. Every TikTok video of theirs is pretty concentric on how their shoes are shown in every TikTok video of theirs, while keeping in mind to not push their products too much. The brand also makes sure that they show their participation in social projects and attracts the younger generation by having animals appear in their TikTok videos. 

7. Aerie 

Aerie is a brand that just joined the social media platform when compared to other brands but they partnered with the biggest content creator on TikTok, Charli D’ Amelio to create content that gathered a lot of hype and traction to their official account. With just twelve videos, they have more than forty thousand Tiktok followers and they continue to produce content as close to real life. 

8. The Washington Post 

This brand is one of those brands that made it quite clear that print media is not dead. Being one of the most powerful and successful brands on the platform, they have more than half a million followers on Tik Tok. They also have an in-depth, clear cut understanding of TikTok which helps them to produce and curate content specifically for their audience on TikTok. The Washington Post mainly produces relatable, funny and engaging short format videos. 

9. NFL 

This brand calls itself the CEO of American football in its TikTok bio and produces content that are either flashbacks of the games with trending music or even the videos of what the football players do after the practices and games. NFL also posts TikTok videos showing the humanitarian aid actions the members of the team undertake. 

10. Amazon 

Even the largest and biggest brand in the world views TikTok as a valuable part of their marketing strategy. They receive a lot of traction from unsponsored videos like “things you need from Amazon” and this helps in improving the traffic on their website. They focus on influencer marketing and trusting the Tik Tok content creators with their creativity which helps in making unique and creative videos. 

Creative Content Conclusion

These were the ten brands that you could take inspiration from when producing content for your brand on TikTok because their whole approach to the social media platform is quite welcoming and engaging. The concepts and ideas they use are out of the box ideas which makes sure that their audience are interactive with their TikTok content.


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