Gabriela Grechi is an Italian weather forecaster that got her start back in 1999. In 2005, she became the weather forecaster for channel TG4. Now she’s on YouTube,  where she talks about fashion, makeup, and other trends that don’t involve barometric pressure.

Alex Wilson is an on-camera meteorologist for The Weather Channel. She began working there in 2013 after transferring from South Carolina. She’s one of the few reasons we go to that station. The other? The weather.

Evelyn Taft works at CBS2 in Los Angeles. She speaks Russian and has lived in England and France.  However, we’re not sure what’s up with the shirt she’s wearing. You can do better, Evelyn.

Yanet Garcia works for Televisa Monterrey in Mexico. We think she should be president of the network if not the world because she always brightens our day. How bad was that line? Pretty bad.

Anyway, Garcia also has a YouTube channel about fashion and accessories.

Christina Loren works for RFD-TV and Rural Radio on Sirius XM Radio. She is featured on Channel 147. She has been working as a meteorologist for over 12 years and now focuses on agricultural weather that affects rural areas.

Sian Welby works in England for channels 4 and 5. She has been a weather forecaster since 2010. She is a writer for OK! Magazine, in which she writes about healthy eating. She hosts special presentations for charities and organizations.

Elita Loresca is a weather forecaster that lives in the United States and works in Houston. She can be found on the channel KTRK-TV. She was born in June of 1997. She has covered many weather occurrences, including Hurricanes Frances, Katrina, Rita, and Wilma.

Gaal Noemi has been working at the Hungary television station TV2 since 1997 as their weather reporter. Looks like a tough job (see above). She has ben involved in another television project titled Mr. and Mrs. since ’05.

Jackie Johnson works for CBS channel 2 in Los Angeles; she’s been there since 2004. Johnson has a degree in broadcast journalism and forecasts the weather on weeknights. The weather in L.A. is usually the same: warm, sunny, with a 100 percent chance of smug.

Mary Gamarra hosts the Xfinity Latino Entertainment Channel and contributes to the Telemundo show “Al Rojo Vivo”. She covers news events and forecasts the weather on that show. She has also worked on “Cada Dia” for Telemundo.


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