10 reasons why dogs are the best pets


According to the National Pet Owners Survey of 2019/2020, as done by the American Pet Products Association (APPA), about 67 percent of households, an estimate of 85.9 million homes, in the US own a pet. Approximately 75 percent of this number, an estimate of about 63.4 million homes, have dogs.

What this survey shows us is, in the US, quite a large number of people do love dogs a lot. And why do they, you’d like to know?! Mainly because dogs are amazing pets.

But that’s something we all know already and shouldn’t waste our time on. So, why are dogs the bests pets? Below are 10 good reasons your dog is the best pet you can have.

1. Dogs are very friendly

In the world, dogs are one of the most common domestic animals. They’re also listed as one of the most friendly pets around that people own. They’re usually described as man’s best companions because they generously offer their friendship and company to people. Dogs are always there for you when you need them. A very friendly dog breed like goldendoodle puppies, for example, can be your confidant and playmate whenever you’re lonely or bored.

2. Dogs are very intelligent

Among other pets, dogs are the most intelligent ones. They have an acute sense of understanding that is better than that of other animals. This makes it possible for them, as a result of their sharp sense of sight, smell, and hearing, to easily detect or sense the feelings, emotions, and body language of their human companions.

3. Dogs are naturally lovable creatures

Because they’re very attractive, your dog can naturally draw you to new people when you go out. They will always reciprocate the love you give them any time, any day, and would be always happy to see you when you get back home from school or work. Whenever they’re happy, they express it by wagging their tails, licking people’s faces, and even cuddling up to you, just to show that they also care.

4. Dogs can help you at home

Your pups can always assist you with some little chores. They can help you run some simple errands too when you feel too tired to do them. Dogs are a good help when you need to find, replace, or move things.

5. Dogs will always protect you

Out of all the pets you can own, dogs are the most protective. They’ll always stand for you whenever they sense any danger around you.

6. Dogs are very loyal

You can always trust your dog. They’ll always be by your side every time you need them to keep your company and also protect you from any intruder. Sometimes, when they even get lost, dogs can still locate you if you’re nearby. They have a great sense of smell that allows them to detect their human companions from a distance.

The relationship that exists between dogs and humans can be described as one of the strongest attachments around even though these pets can be sometimes quite annoying.

7. Dogs are the best pets for disabled people

Dogs are the best animals for the disabled. They do not only provide companionship, but they also help their human friends with both the physical growth and emotional development they need.

They’re perfect for therapy and can also be of good assistance to those with hearing, visual, and mobile disabilities.

8. Dogs can considerably improve your mood

Whenever you’re tired, stressed, or not feeling so happy, play with your dog. Your mood will be dramatically increased afterward. Playing with your dog has been said to drastically reduce stress and increase your level of excitement. Some time with your dog has a way of increasing your levels of serotonin and dopamine. These chemicals compounds in the brain are neurotransmitters capable of stimulating the feeling of happiness and peace that can positively change your mood.

9. Dogs help you workout

Dogs are very eager and active. Even when you feel too lazy to go out, they’ll always push you to take a walk around your neighborhood. They are also great workout companions. They will invariably keep you on your toes without any complaints about being tired

10. Dogs are very cute animals

Aside from the fact that they are friendly, dogs are also one of the cutest pets you can have. Do you need a selfie companion? Then you should get yourself a cute little dog. There are different breeds or varieties you can go for; from the beautifully hairy goldendoodle puppies to the colorful golden retrievers, to exquisitely looking cairn terriers, and so on. Whichever one you go for, dogs are quite adorable creatures.


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