The best bachelorette party ideas are fun, interactive and inclusive. Girls will have the time of their lives and do all the interesting bachelorette party things. But how do I know what to do for bachelorette party without crossing the line?

If you’re planning a bachelorette party, the above-asked question must be on your mind. No worries, as you can play your fun bachelorette party games and dance the night away. But check out this list of 11 things not to do at a bachelorette party.

1. Do not wear white

When attending a bachelorette party, always remember that the bride has the day. She’s entitled to wear white that day, so honor her. We know it’s going to hurt if you’re a lover of white. But console yourself with the fact that good booze could spill on and ruin it. We are sure you don’t want to lose your beautiful white to stains.

2. Do not suck guests of their money

There is a lot to say here, as it could cause one of the biggest bachelorette party regrets. Guests will spend money buying gifts for wedding, bridal shower, and even bachelorette. They’d pay for travel, accommodation and all. If they’re part of the bridal party, they’d even spend more. Make it easier by cutting costs to the minimum. If the couple plans to have a destination wedding, make the bachelorette local. Cut down on everything that could dig a hole in pockets. This is because if they have to spend so much before the wedding, they may not show up.

3. Leave the drama for later

An old friend who hurt you, and you’ve not seen for ten years shows up. Don’t go rehashing the past. The bride didn’t get an invite across to you early, not today! The bridesmaid’s dresses, materials, colors, and style you hate? Swallow it and save the drama for later. A Bachelorette party isn’t the place to draw swords and spill guts. Leave it for another day.

4. Go easy on the bottle

The aim is to have fun, do all the bachelorette party things and pamper the bride. The plan is to have a memorable day of fun. But how possible is that if you don’t remember the events at all? Go easy on the booze and don’t drink yourself to stupor. You’d be missing out on so much.

5. Do not make it about you

Whether you’re the one planning a bachelorette party, or you’re a guest, keep it cool. It’s the bride’s day and she’s the center of attention. Every single thing planned for the day must be what the bride can relate to. She must love it and want it included. It must never be about what you love.

6. No strippers

Like we said earlier, everything done at the bachelorette must be to the liking of the bride. So, strippers are highly prohibited, unless you run it by the bride and she’s in agreement. Another reason you may hire strippers is if you’re sure of the bride’s sense of humor.

7. The bride must not call the groom

The bride may have a little too much to drink. And we are avoiding bachelorette party regrets, no?  She can give the groom a run-down of how the party went when she is sober. If she isn’t sober, on no account should she have her phone with her. It could spell disaster.

8. Avoid embarrassing the bride

Every game, questions, and tributes should be well vetoed by the bride or someone close to her. No questions about exes, crazy secrets or madness from the past. The guests must keep the games sensible and safe, for the sake of the bride.

9. Not all photos should be posted

A lot of things will go down at the bachelorette party and must stay that way. Advice guests to be sensible with the pictures they post on social media from the party. If it’s possible, have phones confiscated, and have them take official pictures from the bride’s page. This will curb the event of unpleasant pictures going out.

10. Leave the guys at home

The bachelorette is not a party for guys, not even gays. It’s girls time out, except the couple decides to merge the party. They’d get bored out of their minds which will affect the party. So, let the guys go do their thing.

11. Don’t force the bride to do anything

Jokes have limits, even if it’s the bride’s party. She must never be truly forced to do anything she doesn’t feel right about doing. Who knows, they could get out and that will be the end of the wedding. So, please let the bride for only what she’s comfortable doing.

As great as your bachelorette party ideas are, a little mistake can cause regrets. Let our list above guide you.


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