12 year old boy takes his own life


A 12-year-old boy recently took his own life after telling his mum he loved her very much.

Ethan Bourne its been confirmed took his own life in his bedroom at the family home in Waltham forest London.

The circumstances surrounding the suicide have left many questions for both the investigators and his grief-stricken family.

The death was confirmed on January 8, and after an investigation into the cause, it can now be confirmed as suicide.

Just hours before he is believed to have taken his life he baked a cheesecake for his mother, and it was then that the avid arsenal fan told her he loved her.

Ethan had turned 12 five days earlier, and it seems was living a happy life with his mother and family.

It is known he did sometimes have a bad temper but had recently calmed down, and it seemed to be just a phase, there are so many questions for the family as to why a seemingly happy young boy would take his own life so tragically young.

No further details were disclosed about how he died, and his mother requested a private funeral for her son.


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