14 Bold Facebook Ad Design Ideas


Looking for a great Facebook ad design to use? 

Social media platforms are great places to run your ad campaigns on. This is because at least 72% of adults use some form of social media, and among the different platforms, Facebook is the most popular. You can be sure someone will notice your ads no matter what. 

However, other brands will also put their advertisements there on Facebook.com. How will you ensure the success of your Facebook business ads against all the competition? 

Using these bold ad designs makes sure your social media ads pop from the platform. Read on and learn to design amazing Facebook advertisements that get attention and real results. 

1. Cool Single Colors 

Facebook has a bland interface, having an all-white background in its normal mode and a dimmed version for its dark mode. This means a single-colored ad will stand out no matter what. 

Placing your ad over a single color is a great way to ensure surfers will see it. It won’t work with any color, though, as most bright colors will get ignored. Some may even scroll through them as it may hurt their eyes. 

Use cool tones to engage your customers, instead. These colors are easier to look at and will catch any scroller’s eye. 

2. Tight-Knit Visuals 

This is to benefit mobile users more than desktop users. It’s important to build your ads with them in mind since 4.4 billion people access the internet through their mobile devices. 

Keep your visuals close together to ensure they don’t have trouble seeing your ads. Most people won’t exert any effort to adjust their screens even if the first part of the ad engages them. This is a great way to ensure your ads don’t go to waste. 

3. Contrasting Colors 

If you want to ensure that the colors you use will gather more clicks, use high-contrast colors. These will be more noticeable than other colors, catching the user’s eye quicker than neutral ones will. 

You can also put a high-contrast color next to a neutral one to enhance this effect. You will see that more people will click on your high-contrast ad than on the neutral-toned one. 

4. Refreshing Designs 

Facebook gives you a lot of ad space to work with. You can use this to your advantage to make an ad that will contrast their bland interface. Doing this ensures that it will catch the eye of anyone going through their newsfeeds. 

5. Straight-Forward Ads 

Some people prefer a straight forward approach instead of getting a song and dance before they know what an ad is about. If your audience is among these people, it’s best to make a straight forward ad. 

Add some text that tells people what they want to hear from your brand. Tell them what your product/service can do for them. Add a creative photo to ensure the ad isn’t too bland. 

6. Few Words and Big Text 

You don’t want to jam too much text in your ads. A block of text will cause people to lose interest in any media. This is because they won’t bother reading something if it looks too boring. 

Use big text, too. You don’t want anyone who decides to read your text to have a hard time doing so. 

7. Emotion-Inducing Creatives 

You always want to get your money’s worth when you’re advertising on Facebook. A good way to ensure your ads become viral is by inducing emotions to the viewer. 

You can create a story for your characters and have your video show how your product is relevant. This will touch the hearts of many and can help you gain much traffic over a short period. 

8. Familiar Icons 

A great way to make your advert stand out is to use a familiar icon. Using the icons of popular apps like Facebook and Messenger will make the viewer feel relatable to the ad. This is a great way for you to hook them into seeing what your ad is all about. 

9. Give Them a Smile 

A simple Facebook ad design idea is to have a photo of someone smiling in your ads. Smiles are powerful tools that can instill happiness and joy to whoever sees it. Doing this makes your audience associate your ads with feelings of happiness, increasing its effectiveness. 

10. Product Features 

Keep your ads short by featuring your product on it. This is an easy way to show what your product is capable of to potential buyers. 

What’s great about this type of Facebook ad is that people will know what you’re selling. Most brands lose potential customers because they’re unaware of what the brand sells. Doing this ensures your audience knows what they’re in for and what you can give them. 

11. Before and After Shots 

Before and after shots are effective because it sates the curiosity of the viewer. They find satisfaction in learning what the end result of the product is. This works best with products that need preparation or need to get out of the box before the customer can use them. 

12. Inform With Statistics 

There’s nothing consumers love more than learning something about the product. Placing statistics on your ads is a great way of doing this. Places statistics about how many people use it or how it affects them to reassure them that the product works. 

13. Use Carousel Ads to Tell a Story 

Facebook has a feature called the carousel that you can use for advertising. This is a series of images that can help you be creative with your ad campaign. 

A great way to use this feature is to tell a story. Doing this engages people and compels them to keep clicking. In the end, add a link to your landing page and direct them to your business website. 

14. Minimalist Design 

It’s often better to use a simple design on your Facebook ads. This works well if you want to promote your service while keeping audiences hooked. Remember to add a link to your contact page to allow your audience to ask about your service. 


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