Snowmen are super fun to make because … wait, why is it fun to build snowmen again? Sorry, after seeing some of the psychopaths that became of certain anthropomorphic snow sculptures turn into it’s difficult for us to remember why we celebrate the creation of these menaces!  Aside from Frosty, name a snow or snowwoman that ever gave you anything more than frozen fingers and one less carrot to help correct your lousy vision. So it’s with great joy that we provide you with 16 glorious images of dead, dying, or otherwise mutilated snowmen …

Seal Team 6 used have more important jobs to do.

Depends for Men. Not even joking, buddy. We’ve used them: Why We Peed Our Pants At The Office.

Anyone else feel like getting a pocket full or quarters, asking Mom for a ride to the mall, and playing Mortal Kombat all afternoon?

“Whoa, that’s a full rainbow all the way. Double rainbow, oh my god! It’s a double rainbow, all the way. Whoa! That’s so intense. Whoa, man! Wow! Whoa! Whoa! Whoa ho ho oh my god! It’s a TRIPLE RAINBOW!” Oh my god! Oh my god! Woo! Oh wow! Woo! Yeah! Oh ho ho! Oh my god! Oh my god look at that.”

Why is a monocle considered cool but a top hat isn’t unless it’s on Abe Lincoln’s head?  Have you ever wondered that? We haven’t either.

Wearing vertical stripes make chunky guys look even fatter. Seriously.

And he didn’t even clean off the steps before he got skewered by the shovel? Dick.

Oh suck it up. What guy hasn’t taken a butcher’s knife to the dome while bleeding profusely from the mouth? Rub some dirt on it and move along.

An orange scarf? Really? That’s, like, so 2013.

Man we me miss “Home Improvement.”

Three words: Child. Bearing. Hips.

Someone call the cops. The owner of that Audi should get a ticket for parking against the flow of traffic.

At least he didn’t puke before suffering from death by detachment of the lower sphere.

Heh heh. It kind of look like the sole survivor is sporting branch.

Way more entertaining than “Jaws: The Revenge.”

No socks or shoes or a hat? Looks like someone doesn’t know the dangers of frostbite.


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