Esports rose in popularity in the last few decades, and much of that fame can be attributed to MOBA games such as League of Legends and Dota 2. Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) games are currently the most popular gaming genre next to FPS games. 

With the popularization of esports as a brand new industry, betting also started to be ever more prevalent in gaming. We will be reviewing some of the best games esports fans can start betting on right now!


League of Legends is without a doubt the most popular eSports game online. Competitions attract spectators from all around the world. While the number of professional teams and players vying to dethrone the Chinese League of Legends leaders is growing all the time, the number of spectators watching is growing even faster. The League of Legends eSports League was founded in 2011 and has since grown to become one of the most popular eSports in terms of viewing and wagering. Customers can also gamble on eSports through the League of Legends Championship Series. You can place bets in Europe, Asia, and the United States through various esports betting sites. Events you can bet on include the League of Legends World Championship and Mid-Season Invitational. 

Free live streaming, tactical combat, and regular updates are just one of the aspects that have contributed to its success. Customers can put a number of League of Legends wagers, ranging from betting on the winning team to backing the team to score ‘first blood’, depending on the scale of the event. Along with betting on ‘Baron Nashor’ and ‘Pentakill,’ League of Legends betting has never been more fun or exciting. Bookies frequently give handicap bets during the final rounds of big eSports events, such as best of 3 or best of 5 match formats.


Dota 2 was initially introduced to the world of eSports at The International Dota competition, which had an astounding prize pool of $1.6 million (and it only increased further over the years). It was the successor to the enormously popular Warcraft III. More than three million players were online two years later, in 2013, and the number has only grown since then. The fact that the ‘International’ event currently boasts a prize pool of $20 million demonstrates Dota 2’s progress. Following such rapid expansion, it’s no wonder that bookmakers have gotten on board. You can bet on big tournaments like the TI Series, Asia Championships, and Kiev Major. There are bets available on the winning team, how far a team or person will go in a competition, individual map winners, and the team that will slay the next Roshan.

Many bookies provide live betting on Dota 2, which is one of the most distinctive and thrilling betting games around due to the amount of action involved. When compared to typical win/loss bets, special odds in Dota 2 may often be exploited. These would include ‘first blood’ or ‘first 10 kills’, often yielding better wins. Customers can also wager on an eSports match while it is in progress, which is often a significant advantage because you will have gained a better understanding of how the game is unfolding. Another sure-fire way to beat the bookies is to back teams like Evil Geniuses or OG to win comeback games.


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