Best Senior Picture Outfit Ideas For Girls
Best Senior Picture Outfit Ideas For Girls

Is it time for your sophomore yearbook photoshoot? Are you looking for senior picture outfit ideas for a photoshoot as a senior? Picking graduation picture outfits can become stressful and make you nervous like the first day of school. Let alone deal with the pressure of your mom showing off your pictures to all the members of your family. That is surely going to give you anxiety if you don’t pick cute senior picture outfits. 

These pictures are forever going to be pasted in the yearbook so it is obvious that the pressure to dress well is real. Dresses for senior pictures have to look fabulous but they also need to match your vibe. The question remains, what to wear for senior pictures? There are many options for senior picture outfits 2022 but choosing the most stunning one can be a hectic job. Be it just a look that makes you look stunning neck up or a full-blown trousseau of cute outfits for graduation pictures, we are here to make all your worries disappear. 

Senior picture outfit ideas are plenty but when you can’t choose one stick to something that you are most comfortable in. Outfits that make you feel comfortable will also make you feel and look good. Here are some of the best senior picture outfit ideas for girls that you can try out and get the best picture for the yearbook. 

You don’t have to worry about your outfits when mom shows off your pictures and boasts about how beautiful you look. 

What to wear for senior pictures?

There is never going to be a perfect outfit that works for all. But you can wear something that is comfortable yet stunning. It is best not to try to look like somebody else but rather just dress up like your own self. For senior pictures, it is a good idea to wear solid colours, like green, blue, white, or gray. These solid colours go with almost all backgrounds and you don’t have to worry about whether or not your outfit matches the background. This is also great for close-up shots. 

Choose colors and outfits for senior pictures that suit you the best. It also depends on where you will be clicking the pictures so decide your senior portrait outfits keeping all this in mind. 

Here are the Best Senior Picture Outfit Ideas 2022

Oversized Chenille Cardigan

If you are looking for fall senior picture outfits inspiration, this oversized Chenille Cardigan fits the aesthetic perfectly. It will look stunning on you when you pose in the middle of the park wearing this lovely oversized cardigan. The fabric and color will be perfect for your pictures in long shots and close-ups as well. 

American Eagle prices this beauty at $50. 

Good Legs Shadow Pockets

Pair a simple black tee along with your beloved pair of jeans and one of your girl senior picture outfits is ready! This is a classic combination that you can never go wrong with. Try out this pair of stunning jeans from Good American for $149. It will make you feel and look fabulous. 

Ultra High-Rise Dad Pants

These ultra-high rise dad pants look amazing when you pair them with a t-shirt or blazer or however you wish to style them. You can pair them with anything as it makes everything look good. Whatever your theme is for the shoot, you can style it accordingly but be rest assured that this outfit will deliver. 

You can check out these pants from and they are priced at $45

Woven Spot Ruffle Sleeve And Skirt Two-Piece Set

This is one of the cutest senior picture outfit ideas if you love the Taylor Swift vibe of being cute and cheeky. It will take you back to a time of sundresses and cowboy boots but with a touch of 2022. 

You can check out this set from Boohoo for $52. 

Soft Wool Knit Cardigan

If you love cozy outfits and want to bring that feel to your autumn photoshoot, you can try out this look. It is cozy and warm. Check out Shopbop for this soft wool knit cardigan, it is available for $325. 

Keeley Crop Top

This cute and flirty crop top can make you look cute. If you can’t decide on an outfit, you should definitely give this one a try. Available at for $140. 

Remi Sequin Mesh Mermaid Dress

If you still have your prom dress with you, you can repurpose it as a senior picture outfit. Or you can wear this Remi sequin mesh mermaid dress from for $85. This mermaid dress is dreamy and stunning. It will make you feel like a princess, elegant and classy. 

Petite Shimmer Double Breasted Mini Blazer Dress

Dress like a boss with this petite shimmer double-breasted mini blazer dress from Nasty Gal. It is available for $40 and it looks absolutely gorgeous and has a boss girl vibe to it that will make you look sassy! Channel your inner boss for the pictures with this outfit. 

Textured Button Through Maxi Tea Dress

This is a classic senior picture outfit idea but with a modern twist. It is a timeless beauty and your senior portrait should also look timeless as it is forever going to be decorating your grandma’s walls. Such timeless pieces always look great in pictures as well as make you feel beautiful. This dress from ASOS is available for $54. 

Sirena Cardigan

A cute senior picture outfit should showcase your personal style. What’s better than a cardigan paired with a cool tennis skirt? It will showcase your playful side and make your pictures look fantastic. This look is uber chic and will look sweet as a senior portrait outfit. Princess Polly offers this Sirena cardigan for $78. 

Set a Trend Cream Cheetah Print Midi Skirt

Most of your girlfriends might be wearing jeans too skinny or sundresses but is it your style? If not, try out this Cheetah print midi skirt from Lulu’s for $44. You can even throw in a blazer to make it pop. A senior picture outfit should be a representation of you. Try this outfit for a fun photo shoot. 

Long Sleeve High Neck T-Shirt

Love the 70’s vibe? You can create a 70’s inspired look with this high-neck t-shirt for your senior pictures. Play around with this idea and you can make your senior pictures even more interesting. You can find this tee at Bershka for $26. 

Ida AB X To Bowie Tee

Band tees are a mood and you can take this mood to your senior pictures photoshoot as well. Posing for a senior picture in a band tee is absolutely possible and is surely fun. It shows your unique taste and how you aren’t afraid to be different. This one is from priced at $99. 

Eleua PinTuck Short Sleeve Mini Dress

If you have multiple outfit changes for your photoshoot, you should definitely add this mini dress to your bag full of outfits for your senior pictures. It is a gorgeous little dress that will make you stand out from others. A good way to get good senior pictures is to have a lot of outfits, this one can be one of the many you have planned. 

This mini dress from is priced at $70. It is absolutely worth every penny you pay for this dress.  

Libby Mini Dress

A tweed blazer won’t fit well for a photoshoot in the grassy meadow.  You need this cottagecore aesthetic mini dress for it. You will be surprised by how gorgeous it will make you look. This Libby mini dress from is available for $252. It may burn a hole in your pocket but remember these senior portrait pictures are going to live forever, you need an outfit that is perfect. 

Crolenda Biker Jacket

We know you wear biker jackets all the while, so why not wear them for your senior pictures photoshoot as well. You can elevate your biker jacket by wearing it over an all-white outfit.  It will not only look chic but also make you look cool and confident. You can find this French Connection, Crolenda biker jacket for $115. 

Brand New You Teal Blue Sequin Bodycon Mini Dress

Wear this sequin dress to look like a diva in your pictures for graduation. It should be made mandatory to include some kind of shimmery sequins and bling to a senior picture photoshoot, don’t you think? Sequins add a bit of drama and lots of fun to any pictures. This teal blue sequin bodycon mini dress is available at Lulu’s for $88. 

Dusky Pink Co-Ord Tailored Longline Blazer

Another great senior picture outfit idea is this stunner dusky pink co-ord tailored longline blazer from It will look killer with your graduation hat. It will bring out the chic boss vibe in you that you want to achieve in the future. It will make you feel strong and confident. This co-ord set from is available for $63. 

Nyasia Faux Leather Sweetheart Top

This sweetheart top is a different mood and the one that will make anybody’s heart melt. This beautiful faux leather sweetheart top will make you look like a rockstar. You can pair this top with your favorite jeans. Add cute accessories to the look and complete it. This top by Fashion to Figure is priced at $45. 

Harmonie Blazer

This Harmonie Blazer from is a perfect mix of casual and dressy. It is not too casual and not too dressy. It is somewhere in between. Style it in a way that represents you and it is sure to make an impression. It is available for $56. It is a stunning outfit idea that you can try out. 


These were the 20 best senior picture outfit ideas for girls that you can try out in 2022. Take inspiration from the aforementioned ideas and add your twist to them. Plan ahead and prepare your outfits well before the time of your photoshoot to avoid any problems with the outfits. It is best to have a round of options for the photo shoot and not just stick to one outfit. There are so many ideas you can choose from, choose the one that is in sync with your personal style and you will shine throughout the shoot.  Don’t wait for too long, start prepping for your best senior picture outfits soon. 


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