William Tell Musician
William Tell Musician

William Tell, if you haven’t heard of him for being a fantastic musician, you might’ve heard about him because of his spouse, Lauren Conrad. Lauren is a renowned reality TV star.

You might be thinking after achieving all that he has, what else could he ask for?

You might be in for a surprise because there is another field far off from music that he has opted to follow. Then, let’s hear it; William Tell musician has now chosen to study law. You heard us.

We understand this might too much information, so let’s break it down for you.

Facts about William Tell

Here are four things you should know about William Tell musician:

His Background in Business

William Tell was born on February 7, 1980, in Mission Viejo, California, United States. And he has lived a life of a wanderer as a professional; read on forth to learn more about him.

He had learned industry functions from his business school in the previous years of becoming the William Tell musician.

His music industry friends later asked him for marketing tactics for work as William was the best at them. Not only was he amazingly talented at singing, but also in education.

His Passion for Music

William first began his career in music. His part in the band, namely, “Something Corporate,” was a guitarist and singer. Something Corporate lasted for about a decade before tragedy knocked on its door.

However, the band was worth it because it got him a wife, which you will read about as you scroll below.

The band made success and fame in its peak time when William was 22, and they started doing concerts and singing on bug stages. His talent drove the band throughout the world, and they sang in many places.

His family supported him throughout the journey he was finding his true calling. William still feels grateful for the label his band got in its primary days and the love he got from it.

Nevertheless, he wanted to build a career for himself. He wanted to prove his talent and worth, and he wanted to do it being the limelight. And today, he has made quite the name out of himself, regardless of the way, but he succeeded in achieving his goal.

He wanted more, he wanted to go solo, and so he did.

In 2004, he broke apart from the band and started single-handedly singing, writing, and composing songs. He launched his first solo, “You Can Hold Me Down,” in 2007, which was a great success. But, every rise has a fall. He turned thirty, and he started seeing his life through a telescope of practicality.

He became agitated as he progressed. Things weren’t going up to par or with the plan he had in mind.

On the other hand, seeing how his friends were gaining success in their law careers, he gave in to the peer pressure and left his passion for music.

And so, he decided to go to law school to fulfill his promise to his parents and build a real career in his adulthood.

His Final Choice

William Tell musician, a newly converted law student, moved forward in the domain of law to achieve professional autonomy. He wanted to be a lawyer to catch up to his friends and build himself a fruitful future.

It’s not just his wish for a better life prospect but his sincere interest in law as it began when he became curious about the history of law and government politics. The law field caught his attention, and he wanted in the courtroom one way or another because of his ambition to learn more.

His fiancé, now wife, helped through the mid-life crisis and became a brick of trust when he was unstable. She even took part in motivating him and cheering him on.

As of now, William is still in law school while also helping other lawyers find their way into the field. Moreover, he stresses developing networking, communicating, and having solid relationships with senior lawyers.

Law is a vital part of his life now, and once he doesn’t intend on leaving.

Lauren Conrad- Wife of William Tell

Whether you’ve heard of William or not, you must have heard about Lauren Conrad. And if not, then you’ve been living under a rock because Lauren Conrad is the queen of Hollywood. The famous icon has starred in The Hills and Laguna Beach, earning most of her TV fame from there onward.

And now, she is expanding her career to take fashion under her wing.

She faced too much, but nothing halted her growth or stunted her career goals.

Although they started dating in the days Lauren was working on her fashion career, and William switched to being a law student from an ex-musician, they first saw each other in their teenage years.

Back when William was a singer and guitarist for “Something Corporate” and singing at one of his concerts, Lauren was a fan in the audience. It wasn’t until ten years later that they actually met.

It was in a setting that their mutual set them up on a blind date, that is. Could fate be any more convenient? Oh yes, because just as they began dating, they got married a few years later, and now the couple even has a child together.

William, while studying law at the USC Gould School of Law, and Lauren was constructing her LC Lauren Conrad fashion line.

It was indeed something out of a fairytale!


From William Tell, we learn that it is never too late to switch career paths or make huge decisions.

His story is a source of motivation for those finding their path in life, especially for those who are stuck in the wrong field. His life is ideal for those trapped doing a job they hate. And life is too short to stay in fear anyway, so why not live it your way? If William Tell can do it, you can do it too.


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