5 Best Places to Buy Beads Online


Are you looking to buy beads and searching for the “best place to buy beads online” then you are at the right place.

Beads can be used in a great many ways to enhance the appearance of existing objects, or to create entirely new ones. In addition to bracelets and necklaces, beads are often added on to purses, jackets, shoes, pendants, hats, brooches, hats, and belts. 

They have been in style for literally thousands of years, having been found at various African sites which date back to 300 B.C. Modern usage of beads may be more diverse than those long ago wearers had in mind, but the versatility and the visual appeal of beads will probably maintain their popularity for hundreds more years.

What are the Different Types of Beads?

People who enjoy making their own jewelry or doing embroidery will have a huge variety of beads to choose from in crafting their own necklaces, bracelets, and other items. Not only do beads come in different colors, but they are also made from many different materials, e.g. bone, shell, glass, metal, plastic, and ceramics. You can take some fresh ideas from TheBracelets.

Here are some of the kinds of beads which are available today for your usage:

  • Pony beads
  • Acrylic fancy beads
  • Metal beads
  • Rhinestones
  • Charlotte beads
  • Seed beads
  • Bali beads
  • Roundel beads
  • Bugle beads
  • Crystal beads
  • Drop beads
  • Cylinder beads
  • Lampwork beads
  • Ceramic beads
  • Wood beads
  • Sequins
  • Semi-precious beads
  • Tasbih beads

How Much Do Beads Typically Cost?

Pricing beads isn’t usually difficult to do, but there will definitely be a big difference in pricing, depending on the type and quantity of beads that you buy.

If you’re a person who makes jewelry for sale, that will be important to remember, because while it won’t represent the total cost to you of making a given piece, it will tell you how much the beads themselves cost you. Then you’ll need to add in the cost of any other materials you used, as well as the cost for your time in making the piece.

You will generally be buying beads in bulk, so it’s easy to find good prices, even for more expensive beads. Most beads available online can be purchased for between $5 and $10 per hundred, and if you don’t know exactly how many beads you’ll need, it’s best to buy at least 100 more than you need. 

Even if you’re only planning to use a few beads to ornament a purse or a hat, it’s worth your while to buy them in bulk, for future projects.

Best Places to Buy Beads Online

As you might guess, there are quite a few sites online where high-quality beads can be purchased, and here is a listing of some of the best stores for bead crafters:

  • WomanShopsWorld – the biggest variety, the best pricing, and the most appealing beads anywhere online.
  • Friendly Crystals – your one-stop shop for quality wholesale crystals and minerals and beaded bracelets. Shipping to the USA and Canada. Moreover, you can also visit women bracelets to find an amazing variety of bracelets including, baby bracelets, women bracelets, men bracelets and much more.
  • Fire Mountain Gems – this is a great place to buy beads in bulk from, since they offer attractive rates for larger orders.
  • Annie’s Simply Beads – this site offers a Kit of the Month Club, where you can get all your beading accessories on a recurring basis.
  • Too Cute Beads – this site offers do-it-yourself jewelry kits that include everything you need to get started with bead crafting, and it’s a great way to simplify crafting, especially for those who are just starting out in the hobby.
  • Bee Bee Craft – all the best bead manufacturers are represented on this site, as well as a number of project ideas for crafters.

High Quality, Ethically Sourced Beads 

The best online store to purchase your beads for crafting or for your home jewelry-making business is Woman Shops World. Here you’ll find all kinds of beads to add variety to your creations, and they can be as fancy or as plain as your tastes run. Visit us online and enjoy shopping from one of the biggest collections of fine beads available on the market.


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