5 Best Promise Rings For Couples In 2021


A promise ring is a special gift for your boyfriend or girlfriend that represents the beginning of a serious relationship. Usually, this ring precedes an engagement ring and is worn to say “I’m taken”, without the full commitment of an official engagement.

Promise rings aren’t a requirement to begin an exclusive relationship with your love, but they are a sweet gesture and a gift that will be treasured by your partner forever. Traditionally, these rings symbolize a promise between a couple that their love is strong enough to last into the future.


When To Buy A Promise Ring

Not sure if you should buy your lover a promise ring? We recommend purchasing a promise ring if:

A Life Circumstance Is Preventing You From Popping The Question

Absence makes the heart grow fonder—and you want your partner to remember you like the back of their hand. If a college or military commitment is holding you back, a promise ring is a sweet gift for the in-between season.

You’re Saving Up For An Engagement Ring

If you’re saving for an engagement ring, a promise ring could be a perfect birthday or Christmas present to tell your partner you’re ready for something serious.

You Need More Time To Decide

It takes time to discover that she’s the one you want to spend the rest of your life with. The gift of a promise ring means you’re serious about the relationship and want it to grow. Sometimes, that’s all the commitment you need.

Everything You Need To Know About Promise Rings

A promise ring may be worn on the right-hand ring finger—or worn boldly on the left ring finger for a deeper commitment.

When buying a promise ring, keep in mind that this piece of fine jewelry isn’t supposed to outshine the engagement and wedding bands. Pick out something sweet and sentimental, but leave room for future bling.

How To Present Your Promise Ring

Presenting a promise ring can be a little tricky. You don’t want your partner to think this is an engagement ring—but you also don’t want to lose the sentimentality of this special gift.

Here are some ideas to help your gift be subtle and meaningful:

Present It With Another Piece Of Jewelry

Engagement rings don’t come with a matching necklace, so presenting your promise ring alongside a necklace or bracelet is a sweet way to shower her with love—without giving the wrong impression.

Gift The Promise Ring To Her Or Him On A Special Holiday

Valentine’s Day, an anniversary, or a birthday is a special time to give him or her a promise ring. Include a card with love notes, a special dinner, and a few other small gifts.

Discuss Your Intentions Beforehand

However you decide to present the promise ring, you should always discuss your intentions with your partner. Make sure they know exactly how you’re feeling and what your hopes and dreams are for your future together.

Ready to start shopping? Read our guide for online jewelry shopping.

 Our Top Promise Ring Ideas For Couples In 2021

1. Matching Couple’s Promise Rings

Swoon. Matching couple’s promise rings are oh-so-cute and a sweet way to say your lover is taken. You can inscribe love notes or poetry on the inside of your rings, or you can choose to wear his or her birthstone on your finger.

Walking around your college campus hand-in-hand with matching promise rings and the whole world ahead of you will be a memory you cherish forever.

2. A Unique Promise Ring

Usually, promise rings don’t feature diamonds. They also aren’t made to outshine the future engagement and wedding bands. But this doesn’t mean your promise ring has to be boring.

There are thousands of promise ring selections to choose from, with unique handcrafted designs, symbols, and gemstones that will make yours one-of-a-kind. Choose to feature a heart, infinity knot, flower, or special symbol.

3. A Friendship Promise Ring

Promise rings aren’t just for couples. In fact, promise rings have been gifted by friends for decades. Usually, a friendship promise ring isn’t as impressive as one from a boyfriend or girlfriend, but it is still a special gift packed with lots of meaning.

A friendship promise ring can be gifted during a big move, before a vacation, or at the beginning of a new adventure. Consider purchasing a matching friendship promise ring for yourself!

Keep your friend in your memory—and confirm the promise of friendship for years to come.

4. Claddagh Rings

Speaking of friendship rings, the Claddagh ring is all that and more. This unique ring of Irish origin features a crown, two hands, and a heart.

Depending on how you wear it, this fine jewelry piece can change your relationship status. Think of it as the 17th Century Irish way of saying “Facebook official.”

When worn on your right ring finger with the heart facing toward your body, it means you’re in a committed relationship—hello, promise ring! Once engaged or married, the ring can be switched to the left hand.

The different symbols on Claddagh rings mean love, friendship, and loyalty—and the featured heart can be set with any precious or semi-precious stone.

5. Infinity Knot Promise Ring

The infinity knot illustrates unbroken love. This is similar to the meaning behind a ring band—a love that has no end.

It’s an ancient symbol with origins in Buddhism and Irish lore. Infinity knots add special meaning to your promise ring. They’ll create conversations with your lover’s friends. Plus be a constant reminder someone loves them endlessly.

How Will You Continue Your Romance?

A promise ring carries the meaning you give it. Use it to tell your lover exactly how you feel about them.

The waiting period between dating and engagement doesn’t have to be dull. Take trips, go on lavish dates, and get to know each other. Use a promise ring to add a little spark to the love story you’re writing.


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