5 richest Russians and their superyachts 


When money’s no object, investment is key. Having the means to invest in the fast and the furious, the great and the even greater, is something that all gentleman aspire to. So feast your eyes on these incredible yachts, belonging to some of the world’s richest men – all of them Russian.

Sergey Brin, computer scientist, internet entrepreneur and co-founder of Google

As you’d expect from the person who co-founded Google, Russian-born Sergey Brin has certainly made a pretty penny. In 2016, he was hailed as the 13th richest person in the world, with a total estimated net worth of $43.1 billion. A good chunk of his cash has been spent on the 73m Dragonfly, a yacht widely regarded as the fastest in the world. Rumour has it that he purchased it for around $80 million, and that it’s available for charter at a cool $770,000 a week.

Alisher Usmanov, business magnate

As one of the richest Russians in London, with an estimated net worth of $15.1 billion, it’s safe to say that Alisher Usmanov (who’s a shareholder in Arsenal football club amongst other things) has more than enough money to spend on the best boy’s toys on the planet. In 2016, he purchased the world’s biggest yacht, Dilbar. At 157m, she’s as vast as she is stylish, and has an estimated value of $660 million.

Vladimir Potanin, entrepreneur

Vladimir Potanin, one of the more famous Russian oligarchs, may have made his money through controversial loans-for-shares programs in his home country, but he’s still one of the wealthiest men in the world. A part of his estimated net worth of $13.5 billion was spent on his 75.5m yacht, Anastasia, which can hold up to 12 guests in six different cabins, and has space for 20 crew members.

Andrey Melnichenko, industrialist

This industrialist is currently the 9th richest person in Russia, with an estimated personal value of $13.2 billion. Incredibly, he has made much of his fortune from MDM Bank, which he opened when he was just 21 years old that has since become one of the world’s most successful private banks. His Sailing Yacht A (£360 million) and Motor Yacht A (£240 million) both currently sit in Monaco.

Roman Abramovich, businessman, investor and politician

No list of richest Russians would be complete without perhaps the most famous of them all: Roman Abramovich, net worth $7.6 billion. The owner of Chelsea Football Club (among other businesses) is well-known for his incredibly lavish and over-the-top lifestyle. His yacht, Eclipse, is widely regarded as one of the most incredible feats of engineering in the world. The $500 million, 162m superyacht is so well-known that it has anti-paparazzi technology, where lasers trigger the flashes of cameras to overexpose and ultimately ruin any photos. There’s rich, and then there’s laser-shooting-superyacht rich.


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