5 Types Of Personal Injury Cases That Qualify As Grounds For A Lawsuit


Personal injury can be a broad area of the law. A personal injury case can result from a variety of accidents and situations. Some cases involve unique circumstances, whilst others are more common. Personal injury law can pertain to any injuries inflicted by one individual or entity towards another, as long as the damage was caused by deliberate, negligent, or irresponsible behavior or by an absolute liability action.

As a regular citizen, it is critical to understand the common forms of personal injury cases that can give you the right to seek damages if you are injured as a result of another party’s wrongful conduct. If you are unsure whether you have premises for a personal injury case, Chicago Based RIL can help you determine whether your injury is a type of personal injury and if it supports a compensation claim or a lawsuit.

Let’s take a look at five of the most common personal injury cases that qualify for a lawsuit.

Product Liability

Some of the more unusual forms of personal injury lawsuits arise from product liability claims. A product liability claim comes into play when a consumer product is extremely hazardous. The aggrieved party does not necessarily have to be the individual who bought the product. A product liability case can be filed against product distributors, suppliers, manufacturers, or retailers when a defective product injures a consumer. 

You must demonstrate that the product had one of the three types of defects listed below:

  • A flaw in the design
  • A manufacturing flaw
  • Inadequate product warnings

Every manufacturing company is liable to ensure the safety of its products. If a consumer is injured by a product that has a design, production, or marketing flaw, he or she may be entitled to financial compensation. To seek damages in product liability lawsuits, it is not always necessary to prove fault or negligence.

Medical Malpractice

It is a type of personal injury case in which a patient is allegedly mistreated by a physician, surgeon, nurse, hospital, or another medical professional. When working with patients, medical professionals must follow strict care standards. Medical malpractice occurs when actions or failures to act fail to meet these standards, leading to patient injury, ailment, or death. Medical malpractice is an extremely complex area of personal injury law that necessitates the assistance of an expert medical witness and an experienced attorney who can handle a personal injury case as complicated as medical malpractice.

Motor Vehicle Accidents

Among the most prevalent forms of personal injury cases is a motor vehicle accident. These forms of personal injury cases can be further split into the following subtypes:

When a driver does not follow the rules of the road or take the appropriate precautions while steering a motorized vehicle, an accident takes place. If you or a loved one were injured in a car accident caused by a negligent driver, you are eligible to file a lawsuit to hold that driver monetarily and legally accountable.

Slip & Fall Injuries (Premises Liability)

A premises accident claim contends that an unsafe property hazard or deformity caused the person to slip or trip and fall and that the owner of the real estate had the ability to correct the problem but failed in doing so. In a personal injury case, negligence is defined as the failure to act reasonably, resulting in harm or injury to another person.

Premises injury claims are covered by premises liability law. This field of law highlights dangerous property conditions. This kind of liability lawsuit seeks to prove a property owner liable for avoidable injury risks such as slick floor tiles or an unsecured staircase. 

Wrongful Death

The phrase “wrongful death” refers to a type of lawsuit that can be filed when someone is killed as a result of someone else’s negligence. The majority of wrongful death lawsuits are from car or truck accidents, care home neglect, medical negligence, construction accidents, aircraft accidents, or the use of a dangerous or defective product. A “wrongful death” lawsuit makes it possible for the settlement of damages that are unique from those available in the case of non-fatal injuries.


Accidents and injuries can occur no matter how cautiously we go about our daily lives. These are frequently caused by factors outside of our control, particularly when prompted by the negligence or unlawful behavior of other people or entities. Still, it’s useful to understand the most common types of personal injuries and the legal actions you can take in response to them. Having this information can assist you to seek legal assistance more effectively and better liaise with your lawyer when going to file a personal injury claim.


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