5 Uses of Wire Mesh Sheets in Construction


Wire mesh is a metal screen made from stainless or low carbon steel wires produced by weaving or welding. They’re laid down in an intertwined pattern that forms a sheet. They stand as one of the most flexible materials and carries durable attribute required to achieve top production for extended periods. 

Welding methods determine which type of wire mesh is being used in a structure. Various wire mesh classifications include metal mesh, galvanized wire mesh, double weave wire mesh, PVC coated welded mesh, and more. They’re manufactured with chemical coatings that enhance their surface to resist rust and corrosion.

Increased site efficiency, cost reduction, easy installation, and quick erection time prove why wire mesh is a key element for construction. Its functions include structuring, screening, and sheltering. 

If you’re wondering how essential wire mesh sheets are, here are their five uses in the construction industry:

1. Security Fence Or Barricade

One of the primary uses of wire mesh is to secure the construction site’s perimeter. Surrounding the area with wire meshes as a barricade can help workers stay secure and prevent civilians from wandering in the construction site. 

Wire meshes also ensure the workers’ safety and allow them to avoid experiencing hazards, injuries, and construction accidents. It is great for fencing purposes due to its durability and customizability.

In addition, wire mesh sheets can also be used as barricades for different heavy equipment used in construction. This way, you can also ensure that your expensive equipment is safe from damage and theft. Apart from that, wire mesh sheets can also be utilized to partition regions for the construction vehicles and equipment.

2. Concrete Reinforcement

Wire mesh can increase the strength of concrete structures, such as slabs, columns, and concrete roadways. You can’t avoid cracks in concrete structures, but wire mesh keeps the material together when they take place. They act as a heavy-duty core and strengthen structure integrity. 

Reinforced steel bars are primarily used when it comes to concrete pouring. However, welded wire mesh provides an alternative for contractors because it is much more affordable than reinforced steel bars, durable, and fast to install. It helps prevent the occurrence of concrete cracks.  

In addition, wire mesh also acts as a reinforcement for concrete beams when building temporary bridges and pathways for areas with holes and mud. It can also be used for reinforcement of concrete structure when building coal mine tunnels, airport runway, house floor or wall, to name a few.

3. Storage Purposes

Aside from being used in the construction process, wire mesh can also be used to create substitute storage for workers’ construction materials. The wire mesh can work as a divider for construction supplies. 

For example, workers around the construction site make wire mesh storage racks for their personal protective equipment such as gloves, hard hats, safety vests, goggles, and shoes. It also makes it convenient for them to organize their equipment and supplies since they can be seen easily in wire mesh storage racks. 

4. Highway Maintenance

There are many advantages of wire mesh for roads and superhighways. Welded wire mesh consists of high-yield steel that can even be stronger than rebar. For one, workers use wire mesh to bring down traffic congestion and hold lane closures short. 

In addition, wire mesh can be used as reinforcement road. For example, a wire mesh can be woven into a series of hexagonal meshes. This type of mesh is used in layers for integrated pavements. It can contribute solutions to issues like cracking and surface rutting. Hexagonal wire meshes can also prevent or reduce crack reflection and asphalt fatigue for new asphalt pavement.

5. Temporary Retaining Wall

Some construction projects may require temporary retaining walls to finish the project in phases. In some cases, contractors choose wire mesh to be used for welded wire walls used as temporary retaining walls due to their economical features. For example, they don’t need expensive equipment and labor to install, and they can be easily installed or removed when the temporary retaining wall is no longer needed.


Wire mesh is indeed essential in the construction industry. Due to wire mesh’s feature of durability, high strength, and more dense mesh spacing, among others, they’re valuable in the construction process. 

Contractors continue to choose wire mesh as an alternative material for reinforced steel bars in the construction site. The versatility of wire mesh also provides different applications in the construction industry, such as barricades or security fences, concrete reinforcement, storage purposes, highway maintenance, and temporary retaining wall in the construction site. 

The innovation of the welding system and technology could continue to mass-produce wire mesh that will surely further benefit the construction industry.


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