5 Ways to Make Money With Canva


You might have heard from someone that they managed to sell Canva templates and that the commission went well.

But how else can you earn through Canva, and would it be possible to earn a passive income through the platform as well?

Canva, Explained

Canva is a graphic and content design platform that has stirred up the world over the past two years on a generous scale, much like how Zoom boomed.

Since it’s a web-based platform, it has made designing much easier as it reaches people working on different operating systems.

Additionally, it boasts thousands of templates and designs accessible even with a free account and, more so, for those paying for a premium or pro account.

Canva’s designs are tried and tested precisely because the company taps into pools of creatives to share their designs.

Canva is a tool being used by students, professionals, and start-ups for any design and content needs. It is useful for creating simple projects such as designing presentations and designing professional websites. This is why people are also eager to tap into earnings through Canva.

Here are five ways you can consider if you want to earn through Canva:

1.   Make and Sell Canva Templates

The most common way to earn through Canva is to design your templates which you can sell back to Canva through listings. The best part about this is that it can almost be a passive way to make money.

If a brand commissions you, you can work your way to design for the specific brand’s message, look, and feel that will suit their products. Additionally, you can keep creating listings for target audiences if you’re not commissioned.

The best way to maximize this method is to constantly do market research by keeping tabs on design trends, who are most likely to purchase templates, and for which specific design purpose.

2.   Sell Your Graphics to Canva

Another way to earn through Canva is also to sell them your graphics. Canva buys not just templates but also graphics which can be used in the Elements tab. You can design sets or pieces. Unlike designing a template, you can earn through individual pieces or select sets.

The same strategy applies to market research by looking into which graphics are rampant and common and which ones are still lacking in Canva’s huge pool of resources.

3.   Design Prints to Sell

Though Canva has a license to some extent with content found within the platform, they do, however, hold no license against designs created within Canva. This means you can keep creating art or designs you can print for selling elsewhere.

This is another way that Canva can work to your benefit since the platform is pretty easy to use and lets you download your projects in high-resolution, print-ready formats.

For safety measures, however, it’s suggested that if you use someone else’s work on your design, ask their permission before printing. The best way is to design something completely made by you using the platform if you wish to do print-on-demand and more so if you plan on printing them in batches.

4.   Become a Canva Trainer

Canva is a growing company that is truly gaining a hot trend on the market today. With this, Canva has its own tutorial section under Design, albeit it is still pretty much limited in terms of content. This is why putting up your own paid Canva tutorials can come in handy.

If you feel that you’ve practically found a whole array of lifehacks with the platform, you can either set up a school on your own blog or put up a YouTube channel that caters to this growing market.

Since Canva is used by a magnanimous number of people ranging from students to professionals to business owners, you’re sure to find an audience that is up looking for a way to do their projects through Canva.

You can tap into a little research by checking on which features of Canva are still left undiscussed on their own site and which have little tutorials available online, and start with those to ensure that you have a reach for your small Canva school.

5.   Become a Canva Affiliate

Affiliate marketing is a baby of digital marketing. This is where job functions such as influencers come into play. Becoming an affiliate for Canva would mean that you can get commissions as you promote Canva through your blog, website, or channel.

Canva affiliation works when someone purchases in Canva through your promotion. If you’re already blogging, this is the easiest passive income you can get from Canva.

Whether you’re an artist looking for ways to sell more of your work, you do digital design as a hobby, or you’re a blogger looking for more avenues to gain a passive income, with a little hard work and good research, Canva can be a good platform to address your needs.


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