There is something so very lovely about adding an ombre or balayage hair color to those long tresses of yours. Add in the rather trendy pastel and neon hair colors and you have an intriguing rainbow happening with the hair color blends. While some stick out nice and bold, others are meant to blend in and look perfect. First, let’s explain the difference between ombre and balayage hair colors.

• Balayage Hair: It is a French word that means to sweep or to paint, a timeless technique that has been around for a while now but is just lately making a huge comeback into the world of fashion. It has actually been becoming one of the most popular hair color requests in salons these days, particularly in Europe.

The technique allows for a sun-kissed natural appeal to the hair, usually used on long hair but can be used on shorter as well, so long it is not shorter than a pretty pixie.

It uses no foils or meche to create the highlights but lights up your features while complementing your skin tones at the same time. It works by literally having individual strands colored with a brush, sometimes entirely freehand, while others do use different tools to separate the sections.

Balayage hair colors require little maintenance, as you do not get obvious regrowth lines, the roots in general appearing much darker than the ends of those tresses. It is a color technique that simply looks natural, as if your natural hair has been growing out, the healthy finish positively gorgeous.

• Ombre Hair: Ombre is also a French word, alluding to shading or shadows. It is the gradual blending of one color with another. It always has much darker roots to the ends, often moving from dark chestnut naturals to colored blonde or reddish ends. Ombre coloring techniques have long been used on hair, nails and everything else, including baking, home decoration and graphic design.

Ombre hair became popularized in the early 21st century when artist Aaliyah appeared with the fade from black roots to light colored tips, and in 2010, it was still going strong. Today, in 2016, ombre hair is still a celebrity favorite, the very little upkeep a top reason for it still being such a top trend. Fading from natural to unnatural hair colors seems to be the way to go these days as well, which makes this particular list so very important to look into.

At the end of the day, balayage and ombre are very similar to one another, but the former has a lovelier, more natural effect to it, while ombre goes for the bold effects. They are both top hair coloring technique trends and using either style with any color is very much in for the spring and summer seasons especially.

The runways may not have featured pastel and neon hair colors as much, but the streets are full of it and it is certainly hard to ignore a lady with purple hair. Anime has come to life! Without further ado, here is our top 50 list for the best pastel and neon hair colors in balayage and ombre styles!

#1: Rainbow Colored Ombre Pastel Hair with Fishtail

There are multiple things happening in this particular look. First, we love the long length of the hair with the rainbow colors, particularly as it reminds us of Easter eggs with the boldness of each hue. Add in the ombre effect, the top of the head in its natural state and then suddenly moving into the colorful aspect.

Finally, this half up half down look with the thick fishtail braid at the back of the head is awesome, combining the natural colors with the rainbow beautifully. Definitely a good look for youth!

#2: Sand Art Rainbow Waves

With vivid colors and long gorgeous waves to the hair, this is a gorgeous look to pine for, the colors alone being enough to capture one’s attention with ease. The balayage effect of this neon-pastel hair might not be too apparent from the beginning, but it’s there, the ends a lighter, warmer aspect of their roots, where things are colder and starker.

The neon starts lightening up towards the end, leading into a touch of pastel. Blue, green, pink, purple, yellow- that is the color combination we are staring at and loving. Truly lovely!

#3: Ombre Holographic Pastel Rainbow Hair

Things are not so bold in that mermaid style, with a v-shaped back, a good amount of layers, and gorgeous waves beginning from the ears downward. The ombre is intriguing as well, the darker colors at the roots giving way to a lighter end, a few highlights higher on the head while the rest of the color starting lower. The shiny locks certainly are enough to inspire envy in the best of us.

#4: Queen of the Lilies Pastel Crown Braid

A combination of pink and purple in pastel hair colors is what brings together this incredibly beautiful fairy queen like effect, the loosened fishtail braided crown passing over to one side in order to fall with the rest of the curls over the shoulder. The pink gives way to only bluish purples at the end of this special ombre pastel hairstyle, the extra bits of grey throughout accenting the color combinations. Truly delectable!

#5: Miss Popularity Balayage Opal Hair

The essence here is the blonde tresses that fall lovingly below the shoulder blades, the pastel unicorn effect of this opal hued hair quite breathtaking and very much wearable on a daily basis. The balayage allows for he ends to be a touch darker than the rest of the hair, while blending in the colors perfectly to achieve a rather Barbie-like pink, purple and blue accented highlighted blonde so many of the ladies dream of.

It is mermaid perfect, and great to be worn into the year, if not all the way to the next decade.

#6: Rebellious Purple to Pink Ombre Locks

Purple roots, pastel pink ends and blues added somewhere in the middle of the highly layered and lovingly curled locks that appear like a really lovely anime cartoon head here. Mermaids will covet it, fairy princesses will desire it and you will be the one wearing it.

It is magical, the way the ombre works, the colors blending in while still very much sticking out as the ends are a far different color from the one it all starts with at the crown of the head. Ensure the hair is long and full with extra curls and it is beyond gorgeous.

#7: Rainbow Cream Pastel Balayage

There is something creamy and dreamy about this shoulder-length pastel hair, the ends curled slightly with a thicker iron, the strands each a difference color in patches all around, appearing in purple, pink, coral, green, aqua, and yellow, all lovingly dispersed, with a rose gold glow to it all. It is a Las Vegas pastel balayage hairstyle we totally want to try for ourselves.

#8: Frosted Northern Queen Balayage

Lots of layers, lots of curls and purple roots finish off in a frosted white, the aqua greens blended in for a deeper effect on the frozen Poles look. It is as if a snowy queen has come out of the frost and is about to belt out a Disney song with ease, the prettiness of this pastel balayage hair color certainly not one to ignore.

#9: Hidden Holographic Ombre Underlights

There are highlights and then there are underlights. There is something so very sexy about a girl with underlights actually, like a secret she has kept to only share with the likes of you. The holographic effect to the rainbow pastel hair colors only adds to the mystery as the hair above the color is pulled up to create a gorgeous braid across the center of the back of the head, the ends appearing lighter and closer to the natural color than the underlying roots.

#10: Gorgeous Candy Pastel Coral Balayage

Here are hearts in the hair and pink and coral coloring making for a very spring and summer-like creation. You can do it with natural hair or extensions, play with the curls and give the whole thing a date-pretty appeal. The pastel coral hair colors rather remind us of Aphrodite, along with the waves and the heart.

#11: Half Up Hairdo in Sunset Pastel Colors

We already mentioned how gorgeous bakayage pastel hair colors look. Add in lilac roots and a partially pulled up hairdo and you have something somewhat rebellious, punkish and not quite heavenly as the balayage use of rainbow colors might otherwise suggest. There is something more youthful about this particular styling technique.

#12: Blunt Cut and Soft Balayage Pastel Hair Colors

In a modern salon, you do not need to look like you are innocently pretty. A blunt, bold look is also very much in style, combined with holographic hair in a pink, yellow, blue, purple and green color combination that takes on a cooler, darker edge, the ombre effects mostly unnoticed as we find darker roots and lighter ends. It is bold and beautiful to say the least.

#13: Emerald and Amethyst Balayage Hair

There is something especially alluring about using jewel tones on the hair, particularly the amethysts and emeralds that are certainly not a natural color to begin with for your tresses. The tones in a smoky sense only add to the effects, while the grunge vibe of the mid-length strands certainly has us begging for more. When paired with green eyes and a berry hued pair of lips, what can go wrong?

#14: That Country Thang Balayage Lilac Hair

It’s gorgeous, sexy, attractive, alluring, striking, stunning and overall elegant. It is a combination of pink, purple, lilac, blue and grey, all pastels and all playing in together to create a semi-natural look that in cartoons would appear to be real.

Hair past the shoulders, soft waves, immense shine and the pastel hair colors themselves are enough to capture hearts and break them on the spot with purity and innocent beauty.

#15: Warm Frosted Balayage

Platinum blonde, purple and pink in extreme pastel, metallic finishing and thick hair. It is gorgeous really, like a frost fairy with a warm heart appearing out of nowhere. The cat eye makeup added to this beauty look only amplifies the trendiness while people stop to stare as you walk about in warm frosted balayage hair.

#16: Lavender and Pink Ombre Hair

As usual, the combination of pastel hair colors in a platinum effect has a rather regal tone to it and super trendy, perfect to wear in the spring or summer, fall or winter. On the contrary, the cooler colors such as these are more suited for the cooler months. The white hair is especially appealing, while the purple to pink ombre is a common color combination these days at the salons.

#17: Gemstone Perfection Balayage Hair

A combination of blues, purples and greens, appearing like magic gemstones that reflect the perfection of the waves, this thick and long hair in balayage is simply breathtaking and very much meant for the mermaids and other magical creatures. A side part only adds to the fluffiness of it all.

#18: Metallic Unicorn Ombre Hair

Purple, pink, green and yellow in a gorgeous pastel is what we love so much about this mid-length style that leaves thick hair down in subtle waves that catch the light for a near metallic effect. Truly chic and even sophisticated despite its colorful attitude, this is a look that you should certainly try out in ombre, where the ends fall to a lovely grey-white, capping the unicorn style in snow.

#19: Bold Neon Rainbow Balayage Ombre

The combination of balayage and ombre here creates a rather rave-worthy effect, with the hair colors moving from blues, pinks and purples into greens and yellows towards the end, a very summer-perfect look that revels in the colorful attention. It’s great party hair in a bold neon color, the strips all done up in different hues that blend in beautifully from roots to tips.

#20: Metallic Rainbow Hair in Bold Pastels

Even in balayage, this hairstyle is quite intriguing, weaving together so many colors throughout that it is hard to understand where one ends and the other begins. It literally is such that each strand pulls in a different hue, including blues, purples, pinks, greens, yellows, oranges, corals, aqua, browns, and brick. Add in waves and have it fall just below the shoulder blades and you are set!

#21: Dark Peacock Balayage Hair

Darker hair colors are great for the upcoming fall season and this particular healthy and voluminous hairstyle is certainly an autumn look to try out if you are in love with colors but prefer something less on the bold side. Combining blues, purples, greens and slight gold, we have a gorgeous combination of hues here that we fail to find the right name for. It is chic and sexy all at once.

#22: Pastel Balayage Rainbow Princess

It literally appears as if the frost queen met with a unicorn and brought in the rainbow to her hair, with sections in pastel green and pink, along with a frosted purple and blue, the ends of which lighten up to yellows. In order to best show off the pastel hair colors, you can use a pretty braided crown look that incorporates gentle waves into a loose plait.

#23: Gentle Lavender Colors, Long Curls

You want an awesome summer wedding hairdo but unsure how to go about it? There is a dreamy look that incorporates pulling the curls away from the face but letting them cascade down the back in a beautiful balayage that brings in truly pastel blues, pinks, golds and greys. It is beyond gorgeous.

#24: Bold and Beautiful Mermaid Hair

Pink, blue, coral and purple; it is a warm meets cool color combination that screams adorable and all things magical. Add waves at the ends, comb over from one side and allow it to fall in thick volume over the shoulders and down to the waist; now you have sexy mermaid hair.

#25: One-Month-Old Blues in Ombre Hair

Short hair in cool pastel colors never looked so good. Appearing as if you have woken up with some really good hair and walked out as such, you can dress things up with a sexy ombre that catches the light and moves from a darker blue around the roots to nearly grey to a lighter gorgeous hue.

#26: Colorful Pastel-Neon Balayage Hair

There is something incredibly beautiful about balayage hair colors and stylists who can pull it off are to be applauded for the final product is often mesmerizing with how the hues capture the light and reflect back the rays that hit it. In this case, longer hair combined with pastel and neon hues of purple, green, mustard, yellow and blue with the addition of gentle baby blue and more pastel shades finishes off with a color trend that we hope will sweep the nation.

#27: Bright Mermaid Ombre Hair

You love blue and you love green? What about ombre mermaid hair techniques? Combine it all and it is almost peacock what we see here in the neon bright that shows off ocean blues and greens. It is as if mermaids came to town and you can enjoy all those appreciative stares as you walk about town.

#28: Ombre Prismatic Pastel Hair

Gentle waves and a few perfectly placed pastel hair colors come together to create green to blonde hair that is all about the interwoven aspect of the four separate hues on the top batch of the hair. The grey underneath adds to the brightness of the pastels on the top layer as well, making the blues and the pinks pop even more.

#29: Fire Neon Hair

Purple and pink are the culprits here, with brighter and darker hues playing peek-a-boo through the loose locks, the ends light in fire orange and yellow, the roots dark and the colors playing tricks on us throughout. It is a gorgeous look to wear out to Coachella or a similar style event over the summer.

#30: Frizzy Crimped Rainbow Hair

Honestly, this is all party rocker mode here and looks great on a woman with a whole lot of confidence to spare. Add on some dark eyes and some grunge clothing and you have the party-chic that has been rocking the millennial population. The pastel rainbow hair in some bold balayage certainly helps the image.

#31: Dark Pastel Balayage Hair

The top layer is purple, the bottom layers are an aqua meets sky blue in a darkened state, and in the middle of it all, we have strands of gold and green that only serve to give the hair more of a special touch. The shoulder-length tresses in a naturally untouched state only add to the pretty in purple sentiment that is achieved through this. Perhaps it will get you into a unicorn tribe?

#32: Metallic Beach Hair in Ombre

The hair is in beach waves that appear more like loose curls once it dries up. The roots are given a purple from around the ears and downwards, while the general look is a frosty mint pastel hair color that has you craving some mint chocolate chip ice cream as you lounge under the sun. For a better way to show off the color combination in ombre, it would do to bring in some braids for a half up styling of those tresses.

#33: Pastel Rainbow Baby Balayage Hair

Mid-length hair that covers the nape is lovely on its own but add in wisps of pastel in pink, purple, yellow and green and you get a look even the mermaids are envious of. It is a mermaid and fairy combination really, with a focus towards the yellow and a love for twisted braids.

#34: Soft Mauve Metallic Balayage Hair

Those who greatly enjoy their golden locks will certainly find this chic addition of a soft metallic mauve to the style to be rather romantic and positively breathtaking. Truly, it is one of the loveliest of the pastel balayage hair colors incorporating rainbow hues, with a pearlescent sheen that wholly transforms the look of that gorgeous mane.

#35: Purple Rain Floral Inspired Balayage Hair

Bronze, reddish chestnut and purple come together for a rather incredible finish that is made all the more inspiring with the addition of a floral style to the hairdo that builds on a half up creation. The shine to the tresses is perfect, while the natural combines seamlessly with the unnatural for a final product that is sure to capture hearts of romantics.

#36: Pink and Purple Musical Hair

Somehow, the purple pastel hair seems to be rocking it big recently as a top trend to look out for. Considering its warmth and the fact that amethyst is definitely a top color for the year in clothing, nails, makeup and accessories as well, it is no wonder this gorgeous balayage has made it onto the top 50 best pastel and neon hair color

#37: Bright Neon Half and Half Beauty

Red, pink, yellow, green, blue, purple, teal. It is a full rainbow happening on this layered shoulder-length hairstyle with a half up tendency that includes two strands pulled back into a loose knot, with the rest of the hair falling around, ends curled lovingly and the ombre effects really catching the gaze.

#38: Opal Mermaid Ombre Braids

There is an amazing look that is all about the ombre hair, the mermaid and the braid, half the hair pulled into a ponytail, wrapped with the tresses to keep in place, while the rest is pulled into a fat braid. It is like sundown here, with the colors ranging in the peach to pink to purple hues, with a touch of blues and greys. Really, it is too sexy a mermaid hair to leave off your list.

#39: Chrome Rose Ombre Balayage Hair

Once again we are faced with the combination of balayage and ombre hair, this time with a hue that we wish was a natural, but would only probably be so in children’s television or anime. The combination of rose gold hair color with white blonde and greying ends just makes for an incredible feature that is all chic and so very beautiful. It is what we should be seeing worn more often, especially with the shoulder cut.

#40: Teal and Fuchsia Mermaid Hair

Somehow we cannot get enough of the mermaid pastel hair colors. There is just so much awesomeness happening here, with the long length, the combination of teal and fuchsia with their different hues, the twisted half up hairstyle and the loveliness of the layered waves that cascade down the back, the blending in of the colors done incredibly well. Certainly a look to be wearing on vacation this summer!

#41: Side swept Pastel Ombre Rainbow Hair

Gorgeous rainbow hair colors are what we see when we look at the beauty of the shoulder- length tresses lovingly curled at the ends on this style. The colors are all there, in pastel, appearing quite innocent and attractive, pulling you in to touch for softness as it catches the light with its sheen. The look here is literally a form of art, where the mermaid hair, as usual, is the main muse.

#42: Cotton Candy Half Up Pastel Hair Colors

Bold and beautiful is the style that appears as if two opposites face one another; the light and dark, the night and day, the pink and purple in this case‚ and then you twist them all into a half updo and we have a gorgeous final look that makes us fall in love with opposites and cotton candy, not particularly in that order, all over again.

#43: Ombre Midnight Rose Hairstyle

Pulp riot is what this pastel hairstyle is called apparently. What we see is a sunset that has already deepened, with dark purplish blue at the roots and pastel almost greyish whiteness at the edges. And then, of course, there is the braided crown that leads to a rose finish at the side of the back of the head, announcing a more special occasion type of style to it. Everything to love here.

#44: Sunset Balayage on Short Hair

It is ombre; it is balayage; it is a sunset in your hair that lights up the sky with it. It is also by far one of the best pastel balayage hair colors on this list, particularly for short hair, where the hair artists have outdone themselves by coming up with the most incredible in color combinations to pick up the rays of a fading daylight.

#45: Valentine’s Day Ombre Perfection

Is it Valentine’s Day, an anniversary or another time meant to show love and affection? Why not turn to this romantic pink with aqua edged, rooty based creation that uses the strands to create a love braided look shaped into a heart. The green ombre hair color certainly makes the piece come alive with more warmth to the pink areas.

#46: Bold and Brazen Fire in the Galaxy

It appears as if we are looking in a kaleidoscope of the universe, where everything is bright and bold and almost neon in coloring, the hair here taking on the beauty of what that might look like. The pink, purple, blue, aqua, peach, coral and every other hue seen here, with a penchant for light peeking out of dark, all lean towards a rather exciting masterpiece on short pastel hair.

#47: Fun and Youthful Rainbow Blonde Hair

Strands of purple, pink, yellow, and green appear throughout the gorgeous blonde hair that spans down to the waist cascading down the back like a waterfall, half pulled up into a knotted bun. It is what you wear during the summer, what you wear to the park, the beach and everything fun. It is a great look that captures the beauty of rainbow hair colors so very nicely.

#48: Glamorous Balayage Waves

Lavender and pink pastel colors are a great obsession to have if hair in general is what gets your mind going and your heart pumping. After a successful session of creating a sexy balayage, with natural roots and faded color ends, adding in glamorous locks only makes things even lovelier than they are. Purple to pink glamour cannot be denied!

#49: Candy Crush Layers

Purple-pink with yellow, grey and silver hair in between certainly make the mane pop! Really, there is no candy colored hairstyle more enticing that this combination, particularly when paired with short layers, sexy balayage and a mid-back length to the longest pieces. It is polychromatic hair we are enjoying here and it will certainly add lots of fun to summer dates.

#50: Ancient Mermaid Beauty

The final piece on our list of the best pastel and neon hair colors is a balayage that is impossible to turn away from, the faded colors giving it a pastel effect, while the long layered waves serve to add an air of sophistication to the mermaid beauty.

The addition of the grays and silvers in between certainly age the look but also add in a sense of reality. The vivid hues at the roots begin to fade out along the way, looking positively breathtaking towards the end of the hairdo.


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