6 Browser Games You Should Play With A Controller


elopers decide to implement gamepad support, so finding browser games you can play with a controller can be tricky. Luckily, we’ve put together a list of 6 great browser games that include gamepad support, so go ahead and check them out!

Drift Team

If you’re looking for cool drift racing games, Drift Team should keep you entertained. While the game uses 2D graphics and a top-down camera, like those retro SNES racing games, the drifting physics are fairly well done, and each car you unlock handles a bit differently. The cars tend to overdrift a bit out of your control when using a keyboard, so this is one browser game that’s certainly better with a gamepad. You can play Drift Team on CrazyGames.

Life in the Static

An exciting platform game which offers numerous challenges, Life in the Static revolves around being able to stop time, which helps you in solving the game’s obstacles. For example, stopping time when falling crates line up with a platform ledge, so you can jump across. There are so many puzzle-based platformers out there, but Life in the Static is one of few that offers full gamepad support.

Planet Repair Squad

In this zany sidescroller, you play as a UFO that has decided to save the planet Earth from factory pollution. You fly around and abduct cows, trees, and fish to prevent them from being loaded into factories, while also vacuuming up pollution clouds and shooting them into space. It’s like, extraterrestrial eco-terrorism.


Midway’s classic NBA Jam was originally released for arcades in 1993, then ported over to SNES and Sega Genesis in ‘94. But now you can play this awesome basketball classic right in your browser, as many retro-gaming sites include emulators written in JavaScript with full gamepad support.

NBA Jam was positively received by critics for its two-on-two arcade matchups, variety of humorous commentary, and the on-fire powerup after making three consecutive shots (accompanied by the announcer famously declaring “He’s on fire!”). You could also check out NBA Hangtime, the spiritual successor to NBA Jam, or plenty of other great basketball games made for browsers.

Tanuki Sunset

An infinite (procedurally generated) downhill skating game, where you play as a raccoon on a longboard. If that doesn’t already sound awesome, it also features synthwave-themed 3D graphics, and huge jumps for plenty of aerial tricks.

The browser version totally supports gamepads, and if you like it enough, there’s also an enhanced version available on Steam with additional features.

The Lair

An 8-bit side scrolling beat em’ up, The Lair is a cool throwback to classic NES hack n’ slash titles. In true 8-bit gaming fashion, it can be incredibly difficult as you’ll fight your way past numerous baddies that can quickly swarm and surround you. You’ll need equal skill in blocking and parrying attacks as you do in mashing the attack button to survive.

Online casinos

As a bonus, we can’t forget online casinos. When looking to play something else then the GTA 5 casino, you could try the browser and look for a cool online casino. There are different casino browser games that can be accessed from different consoles. Some casino games can be even downloaded to the console if they are not working from your Playstation or Xbox browser. If you connect your controller to your PC, you have a lot more options to play.


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