6 Most Common Car Dolly Towing Issues [With Solution]


Car dollies are widely used all over the world. While going with a big group on a bus or going with a family where you would like to take your car at the back of an RV, we use tow dollies.

Tow dollies are a cheaper option for towing a ride. They are much less expensive than a trailer or a 4-down, but with the cost-efficiency, there are some disadvantages. This is the reason why car dolly towing issues are common all over the nation.

In this article, we have provided all the information regarding tow dolly issues in brief.

Most Common Car Dolly Towing Issues

For towing a car, there are three options, a car dolly, a 4-down, and a trailer. To rent a trailer or 4-down may cost you more than a tow dolly. This is why tow dollies are very popular among many people. But there are some pitfalls for which using a tow dolly may become challenging.

In this section, we will discuss the common issues that we often face with a tow dolly.

1. Wight limitation

Tow dollies cannot carry heavy vehicles. There are weight restrictions for tow dollies that cannot cross more than 350lbs. The car with rear-wheel drive is usually slightly heavier than front-wheel-drive cars. The weight of rear wheels drives cars are somewhat higher than the cars of front-wheel-drive cars and weighs around 390lbs.

This limitation of tow dollies restricts many vehicles from being towed like SUVs, trucks, RVs, etc. This is the main reason why big vehicles cannot be towed with a tow dolly.

2. Car damages

Cars with more extended frontal portions or cars that low to the ground may not be suitable for tow dollies. A tow dolly tow a car by the drive wheels. If your car is low to the ground or consists of ground effect, then towing with a tow dolly may cause it to drag with the ground.

If the car is a rear-wheel drive, then the back of a car goes onto the dolly for towing. In that case, the front of a vehicle may get dragged with the groud. And this drag can potentially damage your car’s bumpers and many other internal parts.

3. Process of hooking up

The hooking up process of a car with the two dollies can be much more challenging than carrying a car with a trailer. Two of the wheels go with the dolly, and the other two remain on the road.

This is what secures the drive wheels, but in-case of rear-wheel drive, the driving shaft has to be taken out and put to the dolly so that it does not cause damage for clearance issues.

Other than the shaft shifting issues, the hooking up process can be complicated. Many things have to be unscrewed from the dolly to bring out the ramp and then hook up the dolly with the cars back.

4. Time consumption

The unscrewing process can go on with the uploading of a car on a dolly. Before you take out the ramp, you have to take off many screws, and then you can bring out the ramp. Ones the ramps are out, and then you can upload your car on a dolly. Then again, you have to fold the ramp, and this process takes a lot of time.

5. Difficult maneuvering

When a car is on a tow dolly, the other two wheels remain on the ground, making it difficult to back up the car. In a trailer, all four wheels of a car remain on the trailer; hence it’s not difficult to back up.

In the case of tow dollies, it may get displaced for which it is difficult to keep the tow dolly in the correct position after reaching the destination.

This backing up difficulties can also damage your car and the dolly. Hence it is suggested to unhook the dolly, then back it up, then move the towed car in the right position and re-hook the car with the dolly.

6. Tire damage

The wheels may take a lot of pressure on the car that is on the dolly. Since towing a car with a dolly leaves the other two wheels on the ground, they take up more weight as the drive wheels remain on the tow. This causes the wheels and the tires on the ground to wear off or tear off. The longer you tow a car, the more damage it causes to the wheels of the car on the dolly.

Solution for Car Dolly Towing Issues

When there is a problem, there are solutions, and in this case, the solution can be only an alternative device for towing purposes. Let’s find some suggestions below:

Use alternative possibilities

If you feel that using a tow dolly is difficult, you can always go for alternatives like 4-wheel up or trailers to tow your vehicles. Trailers are expensive, but you still have the option to rent.

Use upgraded dollies

Using the latest and newer versions of tow dollies may not be a complete solution for towing a car, but it is an alternative that can make a lot of things easier.

Newer dollies can carry more weight, run smooth, and keeps the well-fixed to the dolly.

Backing up Solution

Backing up a tow dolly with a car on it can be a bit challenging, but there are many instructions to do it securely.

  • At first, check the straps and joints if they are fixed correctly
  • Then make sure the car and the dolly are in an aligned position
  • Then slowly back up the car with the dolly
  • If you have to keep the car on a dolly at a narrow position, then you may find the dolly moving away from the alignment. In that case, go forward again.
  • Then again, go backward slowly and navigate the care in such a way that your dolly moves towards the position where it needed to be parked.

Final words

Carrying a car with a tow dolly may have some disadvantages, but it is the most inexpensive option available. But with proper idea and experience, you can find ways to use a tow dolly efficiently.

Everything in the world does not go smoothly. Some times we have to take challenges, and when you are not confident, you can always find professionals to help you with full support.


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