Being a real estate agent is a rewarding and exciting career. You get to help people make life changing purchases, upgrade or downgrade their homes, buy commercial properties, and sell their existing ones. Part of building those relationships so that people will keep coming to you and send their friends and colleagues is by going above and beyond. One of the ways to do that is by sending gifts to your clients. 

Client gifts are a page out of the same real estate marketing playbook as just listed postcards and spheres of influence. Some real estate agents use an intake sheet to learn more about their clients. This can be beneficial to helping you determine their likes and dislikes so you can give a gift they will use. You wouldn’t want to give a coffee gift card if they only drink tea. Here are some great options forclient gifts in real estate.

Body Care Products

If you know a clients’ favorite brand, this can be an incredible gift. Whether they have a favorite local make-up, or they love a particular brand of mascara, finding the perfect items that have undergone can be the perfect gift. If your client was looking forward to their new spa style bathroom, stock them up with a basket filled with luxurious goodies. This little gesture goes a long way to showing you paid attention to them and their needs throughout the homebuying process. It’s an expense for you, but these touches go a long way to helping you build solid client relationships.

The Right Gift Cards

Just gifting a Starbucks gift card is a lazy way to give a client a gift for someone who just helped you earn thousands of dollars when they bought a house. Think about what they talked about during the homebuying process. Do they need to make a few repairs? Why not give them a gift card to a local hardware store? Will the moving process take them a while? Why not give them cards to take their whole family out to dinner? The right gift cards are a housewarming gift that can impress your clients while also providing them with an important need.

Subscription Boxes

Are your clients into natural health? Do they enjoy wine in the evenings? Are they having a new baby? A box subscription is a fantastic closing gift. Your clients will love receiving premade meals or new bottles of wine to try, or the perfect little items just for their new baby. There are countless types of subscription boxes out there. You can choose from things like body care, art creations, coffee subscriptions, and even ones from international locations. Think about the ones that will help your clients feel loved and heard or will meet a need of theirs.

New Carpet (or Something Like It)

If your client just bought a bit of a fixer upper, wouldn’t it be nice if one of the big-ticket items was already paid for? A cool way to thank your clients for purchasing a home with you is to cover the cost of one of those items. Whether you give them the home warranty or pay for the new carpets to get put into the bedrooms, thinking about their home and what they need is an excellent closing gift. Perhaps the fence needs repair so that their kids can safely play in the backyard. What a great way to say thank you, by thinking about the safety of their family.

Custom Art

A lot of home décor shows incorporate a custom piece of art for their clients. These custom pieces create a big impression and give a wow factor that standard art pieces do not have. Whether you commission a memorable family portrait, a pet painting, or something of their new home, custom art goes a long way to creating customer trust so that they will continue to refer and use your services in the future.

Branded High-End Pieces

You should not give your clients a magnet and call it a day. They know that the real purpose of those magnets is to promote your brand. However, gifting a kitchen knife etched with your company name, a pocket knife, wooden spoons, or a beautiful handcrafted cutting board with your name and logo in the corner can go a long way. For your foodies and chefs, they will love high-end kitchen pieces even if you put your name on them somewhere. 


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