6 Signs Your Loved One Might Be Being Neglected in a Care Home


Thousands of older people move into a care home every year when their loved ones can no longer take care of them. There are several benefits to care homes. Not only do they offer a place of safety, but they’re also a wonderful place to meet friends. As well as this, care home staff can help older adults manage any medical conditions they have.

However, not all care homes are equal. While some care homes go above and beyond to ensure their residents are happy, healthy, and well-cared for, others do not. Instead, they neglect or abuse their residents.

Unfortunately, it can be tough to spot the good care homes from the bad. There are, however, some tell-tale signs that a loved one is being neglected or abused in a care home. Here are some of the signs your loved one might be being neglected in a care home:

1.     Bed Sores

While bed sores aren’t always a sign of neglect, they could be if they happen frequently or are not appropriately treated. Care homes are expected to identify all residents at risk of getting bed sores, and they are meant to put things in place to try and prevent them. If they are not doing this, they are neglecting the residents in their care.

2.     Poor Personal Hygiene

One of the primary roles of care home employees is to aid residents with basic personal hygiene. This includes things like getting dressed, brushing their teeth, bathing, brushing their hair, and clipping their toenails.

If you notice your elderly relative trying to do these tasks on their own when they are not able, or you notice that they are not bathing as often as they should be, there’s a good chance they are being neglected.

3.     Poor Living Conditions

According to federal law, nursing homes must provide and maintain an infection control program that offers residents a sanitary, safe, and comfortable environment. Nursing homes that are below standard are neglecting their residents.

4.     Physical Issues Caused By Lack of Nutrition

As a result of neglect, millions of nursing home residents in the US suffer from malnutrition and dehydration. In fact, over 20% of nursing home residents are thought to suffer from these conditions.  

5.     Psychological Issues

Like most other forms of abuse, neglect can cause elderly individuals to suffer psychological issues. For example, you may notice your relative become afraid when a career walks into the room, or they may start showing signs of anger. All of this can be a sign that they are being neglected.

6.     Unexplained Injuries

Things like bruises, broken bones, and head injuries can all be a sign that abuse or neglect is taking place in a care home. However, it’s important to remember that as we get older, we become less stable on our feet. This can cause us to have more injuries.

To ensure you don’t wrongly accuse a care home of neglect, it’s advisable to keep a diary of any unexplained injuries your loved one has. This will allow you to see how often these injuries occur and whether they are related to abuse or caused by an accident.

In the US, there are some fantastic care and residential homes. However, unfortunately, there are also some bad ones that neglect or abuse their residents. To ensure you’ve chosen a safe care home for your relative, look for the signs of neglect and abuse listed above.


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