64 Hydro Reviews: Is 64hydro Reliable?


We need to drink at least eight glasses of water every day – a fact that we have read and re-read but not implemented. There are enough scientific articles to prove the benefits of a good water intake on the human body.

It still somehow seems a task to frequently take water. And to make water drinking look cool is online store 64Hydro.com. Selling water tracker bottles with cool designs, it’s a big hit in North America, Australia, Canada, and wider international markets.

Let us see whether the purchase is worth it.

What is 64Hydro.com?

64Hydro is an online store selling drinkware products. Created in the year 2020, they aim at nurturing a healthy lifestyle by promoting drinking water, juices, or any fluids. The US-based company is owned by dedicated artists creating the best designs for their products ranging from tumblers to water tracker bottles.

Products by 64Hydro

Primarily a drinkware seller, the website also lists have home décor items, apparel, and bags. You can shop product-wise or design-wise.

One of their popular products is the tracker bottle which comes with tiny markings, helping you to measure your water intake hour-by-hour. Made with 100% BPA-free Tritan plastic, they have beautiful designs. One can even customize a print on these bottles. Colorful patterns to awareness messages, these are wide-mouthed, tight sealed bottles that also come with a built-in fruit infuser. So, if you want your favorite juice or mocktail for daily hydration, these are perfect. If you are a dog lover, they have cute paw prints too.

They also have elegant wine tumblers, ceramic coffee mugs, insulated mugs, stainless steel tumblers, and more. Their drinkware makes for good and thoughtful gifts. Their designs would make one want to flaunt their bottles.

One of the best things about this e-shop is they also provide replacement lids. So, if you have a broken or misplaced lid, you can get it replaced and use your bottles as new.

Pros and Cons of 64 Hydro

64Hydro.com has picked a relevant niche of selling drinkware. They are out there to make a cool statement out of the regular task of drinking water. They have a great product lineup in drinkware, each more stylish than the other.

The website is also very user-friendly, categorizing its offerings according to product type, design, price, and delivery time. The designs are segregated under Faith, Dog, Cat, Reading books, etc. They also have a trending products widget that shows the most popular products on their site. Besides, they run daily deals, offering discounts on drinkware. They have a reliable refund policy, wherein they provide a 100% refund in case of faulty products.

There is nothing unapproachable with 64Hydro, except they do apply extra shipping charges and deliveries are said to take a little longer. So, if you are aiming to send their products as gifts, you might want to place your order well in advance.

Several 64Hydro.com reviews have only good to say about their products, but few users claim that it is not completely trustworthy. The About US section of this website does not give any credible details of the parent company. One of the ‘scam detecting’ sites has found payment methods supporting anonymous transactions, which is one red flag of online shopping. But more positives outnumber this

Is 64hydro Reliable?

If the many positive reviews are to be believed, 64Hydro does seem like a trustworthy online store. The website falls under the larger group of customized products industry, which has seen a boom over the last few years. With occasional gifting growing popular, there are a lot more websites coming up, intending to scam the users. Is 64hydro.com one of them? Looks unlikely, but for some portals the trust score is low. 64hydro fares a comparatively lower rank when it comes to the trust factor. Probably, their services need to improve a lot more.

However, when you look through the technical details of the website, there are no marginal errors. The domain has been created two years ago and has a valid HTTPS connection. A website is usually blacklisted if there is any malicious activity or malware on the site. But 64hydro.com is not listed on any such blacklist search engine.

The website has put several happy customer reviews, which are enough testimonials of their good products and service. 64hydro also has promotional news features that talk of their product line. The water tracker bottles with fruit-infusion filters are very popular among customers.


Hydration is the key to keeping any infections and diseases at bay. A daily intake of eight glasses of water is vital for good health and 64hydro beautifully targets the cause.

With stylish products, colorful designs, great quality, and variety to choose from, water bottles and tumblers can be flaunted as accessories. So if you are looking for gifting ideas or a cool bottle for yourself, we would recommend trying 64hydro.com. And do share your experience of their services online. Overall, 64hydro.com is a legit website.


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