The National Basketball Association (NBA) first came to light in 1949 and has maintained its position throughout the decades of being one of the most prestigious sporting leagues with the power to create superstar players and blow up up-and-coming rookies. This article focuses on players who have made history through their impressive jumping abilities, which is essential for predicting the future of basketball. For more information, check out NBA player futures. 

Michael Jordan- 48 inches 

Starting off strong is the legendary Micheal Jordan, who is known throughout the world as the greatest basketball player of all time. The player lives up to his nickname “His Airness” by demonstrating a whopping 48 inches vertical jump throughout his career. Various big brand endorsement deals added to Jordan’s extensive media coverage, with him soon being known as a global cultural icon. The player has won six championships with the Chicago Bulls, winning his first NBA championship with the Bulls in 1991. 

Darrell Griffith- 48 inches

In spite of his popular nickname “Dr. Dunkenstein”, Griffith never won a slam dunk contest during his career. More of an underdog within the jumping game, yet the player matched Jordan during his NBA career for the Utah Jazz. Having demonstrated his ability to reach 48  inches, Griffith was spotted while playing basketball for the University of Louisville. 

Spud Webb- 46 inches

Known in NBA history as one of the shortest players to play professional basketball, Spud Webb’s accomplishments are even more impressive when considering his jumping capacity. 46 inches is a phenomenon for someone of his build, and Webb gained his slam dunk victory in 1986. After beginning his career with the Detroit Pistons, Webb then played six seasons with the Atlanta Hawks. Following that, he was traded to the Sacramento Kings. Known as a secret weapon among teams, Webb was a starter 1992-1995 and set history in motion by challenging stigmas around player height. Since his debut, there have only been two players shorter than him within the NBA. In education as in sports. To get to the next level you have to try hard and jump as high as possible. This is common to NBA Players and college or university students. In order for a student to make the jump to the next level, he or she must prepare and pass an excellent research paper or essay. But sometimes there is no time for that at all. That’s why it’s better to use a professional service like to be sure of the result and efficiency. The approach is the same as the best players in the NBA.

Zion Williamson- 45 inches 

Developing a near-mythical view of his abilities as an athlete, Zion Williamson is a rising star within the professional basketball game. The young power forward has already gained national attention for his ability to score impressive slam dunks during his high school career. Not only that, but Williamson has also demonstrated a respectable 45-inch vertical jump. The player wasted no time and is the fourth-youngest NBA player to be selected to an All-Star game. 

Shannon Brown- 44.5 inches

Another respectable jump comes from Shannon Brown. The direct reserve for Kobe won two NBA titles with the LA Lakers. Following his recruitment from Michigan State University,  Brown was the 25th overall pick in the 2006 NBA Draft.  

Andrew Wiggins- 44 inches 

Despite being Canadian, Wiggins has been selected number one overall in the 2014 NBA Draft and was heavily recruited in high school. The player demonstrated a massive 44-inch vertical jump with the Cleveland Cavaliers. Wiggins played his first five seasons with Minnesota and was the second Canadian to be selected number one overall in the NBA Draft.

LeBron James- 44 inches

Completing the list with an impressive, star-studded career within the LA Lakers is LeBron James. James is widely regarded as one of the greatest players in NBA history, and has been compared to the likes of Michael Jordan. Numerous endorsement contracts are another appeal of the media making James similar to Jordan. With a record of 11 consecutive first-team selections and a jumping capacity of 44 inches, James is the only NBA player with three franchises and has been named an All-Star 17 times. 

To summarize, NBA players have continued to demonstrate their impressive capabilities on and off the court. Consistently setting records and maintaining reputations, players are great depictions of athleticism. We’ve covered NBA jumping records of the past, now go check out the future predictions with the link above.


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