Why consider spending $60 on a cool shower curtain? If you’re scraping by to pay rent, you shouldn’t. But if you’re looking to add personality to the bathroom in your house or apartment it’s an easy way to accomplish that goal.

A shower curtain that isn’t lame paired with some candles (for obvious reasons), a couple bathroom books, comfy towels and a colorful bath mat and you’ve turned an otherwise ratty looking bathroom into some far more appealing. Now all you need to do is remove the pee stains from the bowl and the crud that’s caked inside of the tub and you’re golden.

The Best Novelty Shower Curtains For Guys

Sexy Pinup Girl Shower Curtain ($58 @ etsy.com)

There are cool shower curtains and then there are hot shower curtains. With a little imagination and a really dirty mind, you can finally shower with the woman of your dreams!

Nobody Cares Shower Curtain ($68 @ society6.com)

Remind the world just how little everyone cares with this bright neon shower curtain. It may be a cold and unfeeling planet and you may care least of all, but that doesn’t mean your bathroom can’t have the perfect accessory.

Fuck Shower Curtain ($68 @ society6.com)

You’re not being uncouth, you’re being educational. Because who doesn’t love a foul-mouthed pedant?

System Error Shower Curtain $68 @ society6.com)

Is it a shower curtain or did the sheer power of your nudity cause the matrix to glitch in your bathroom? Feel what it’s like to break the world while you wash!

Beer and Foam Shower Curtain ($65 @ cafepress.com)

Cool shower curtains go hand-in-hand with cool brews. Declare your love for the foamy goodness of beer with this sweet curtain.

T-rex Shower Curtain ($58 @ etsy.com)

Action, danger, nudity, and a T-rex, this shower curtain turns your bathing ritual into a truly noteworthy adventure. Plus, who doesn’t love dinosaurs?

Friday the 13th Fun Run Shower Curtain ($60 @ crazydogshirts.com)

Why spend all of your wittiness for your t-shirt collection? Decorate your bathroom with pride, wit, and throwbacks to vintage horror movies.

Octopus vs. Pirate Ship Shower Curtain ($58 @ etsy.com)

If you’re a sea man (heh heh) or simply envision the day when monsters will roam the planet — be patient, it’ll happen), the search for the coolest shower curtain ends here.


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