9 Ways To Play Online Trivia With Friends


On virtual game nights or happy hours, trivia games online are the ideal approach to bring everyone together. We feel that the world requires more connection with people than it has in the past, and that playing online trivia with friends can help with that.

Here, we are enlisting ways how you can play trivia games online with friends.

Ways To Play Trivia Games Online

Video conferencing solutions allow us to stay connected in meaningful ways while also allowing us to rethink what spending time with family and friends means.

Through platforms like Zoom, closest friends are exploring a variety of creative areas, including online quiz games.

Jambar Team Building

Jambar Team Building provides a great way to play trivia games online.

These can be played at home, when out and about, or even on the phone. It’s a simple, quick, and enjoyable way to test yourself. Plus, even if you don’t know the answer, you’ll gain knowledge about your favorite subjects. Are you willing to take on the challenge? Choose your favorite topic and put your knowledge to the test with their free games online.

Water Cooler Trivia

Water Cooler Trivia is a popular way for social and professional groups to have a good time. It usually works by scheduling a simple weekly trivia game, which quickly becomes a favorite weekly routine for your group. The quizzes, which are hand-written professional trivia experts, can be sent to your inbox on a weekly basis. Then you may choose the quiz duration, difficulty, and categories, as well as the period of the quiz as well as the results.

Random Trivia Generator

There are plenty of quiz questions in the Random Trivia Generator. This website is overflowing with trivia questions on almost any subject you can think of. This place has something for everyone. You can browse for quizzes by topic using their filtering mechanism.


Another way to host an excellent hosted quiz event for the team is using Trivvy. Their all-in-one screen platforms offer trivia, a live broadcast of your guest, and separate video chat sessions for each team. Moreover, their professional quizmasters guarantee that everyone, from trivia beginners to your firm’s trivia champion, has a great time. Make a reservation for a game right now!


QuizUp allows social groups to compete in trivia competitions through a mobile app. You can invite random players from across the world simultaneously. As you win games, you earn badges to show that you’re an expert on specific topics. The sole disadvantage, if we may mention, of utilizing this mobile software is the relative anonymity of usernames.


Kahoot is a fun and engaging way to learn. Teachers mostly use this tool in the classroom to create unique trivia quizzes for their students so that they can play and compete with each other.

However, Kahoot is not just for teachers and students, and anyone can make a custom game for their friends on it.

The best part? Include inside jokes and other trivia to make the game more enjoyable!

Living Facts

Living Facts is a documentary on modern-day Americans. They’ve devised trivia quizzes for history aficionados that will both challenge and enlighten you on American history. There are also a variety of other fun stats, riddles, and trivia to choose from. Take the quiz questions at your leisure or share them with a bunch of friends or coworkers to play.


Jeopardy is a global hit, and they’ve created a hands-free, speech trivia smartphone app which you can use on your way to and from work or on a long road trip.

Bring the ambiance of Jeopardy to your automobile or while doing the dishes at home. Choose your favorite topic or answer memory questions! It’s available on Google Play and Apple’s App Store.

Trivia Crack

Trivia Crack is another fantastic trivia game for mobile devices. In Trivia Crack, the goal is to win all six of the personalities on the spinning wheel. Arts, science, professional sports, geography, popular culture, and history are among the subjects and areas represented by the characters. You can play with friends or other quiz fans, and the person who gets all of the characters first wins! To make it more engaging, Trivia Crack offers benefits for the correct response and a small consequence for the incorrect answer in between rounds.

A Final Word

In this article, we enlisted a few ways you can play trivia games online with friends or family.

These applications and sites are a fun way to spend a good time with friends or coworkers, or even on your own if you’re getting bored at home.


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