A Brief Look at the Latest Sneaker Trends That Are Everywhere in 2022


Sneakerheads are taking over the world.

The sneaker industry is already huge and is only expected to continue growing in the coming years. And these days, sneakers are more than just comfy footwear. They’re wardrobe staples that can take you from business casual to dinner with friends.

With the versatility of today’s sneakers comes a variety of new styles and sneaker trends to try. Here are the latest ones to add to your sneaker collection in 2022.

Chunky and Platform Styles

With 2022’s sneakers, footwear shouldn’t be an afterthought. In fact, chunky, eye-catching sneakers will continue to dominate after already being a favorite trend for several seasons.

Some styles are big and bubbly, becoming the centerpiece of any outfit. Others are pumped up with a platform, making them the best sneakers for shorties looking to add some height.

These chunky and platform sneakers combine 90s trends (à la the Spice Girls) with today’s Gen Z internet-inspired aesthetics. If you don’t yet have a pair in your closet, find at least one go-to chunky style that fits you and your style.

Classic Kicks

For those looking to play it safe with their footwear, you’re in luck: classic sneaker styles will continue to be appreciated well into 2022.

These sneakers are simple and tried-and-true. Think classic canvas high-tops, basic white leather sneakers, and tennis-inspired shoes.

Classic kicks are easy to match with any outfit, allowing the rest of your garments to take center stage. And if you invest in a pair of classic sneakers in 2022, you’ll likely find yourself wearing them for several years to come for their timelessness.

Sock Sneakers

Sock sneakers originated in the 1980s when Nike made their first sock-sneaker hybrid shoe. But in the last few years, this style has been somewhat divisive in the fashion world, with some adoring this comfy style and others strictly detesting it.

Expect the debate to continue in 2022. Sock sneakers are continuing to fly off shelves, from designer brands to fast fashion favorites.

If you’re into comfy, no-fuss footwear, the sock sneaker might be perfect for you. Give your feet the feeling of only wearing socks, but with the supportive sole of traditional sneakers.

Retro Runners

Classic yet never basic, retro sneakers are making a comeback. Nearly every brand seems to have their own version of these types of sneakers, usually in punchy colors with a narrow shape.

The Nike Waffle is a prime example. These shoes feel both old school and fresh, with their signature pointed shape. And while they were originally made of leather, today you can find them in mesh and other updated materials.

Replace your 90s-inspired Dad shoes from 2021 with 70s-inspired sneakers.

Vanilla Cream Colors

Light-colored sneakers are known to be a little difficult to maintain. After all, they can get easily dirty and scuffed up.

But for the most dedicated sneakerheads, it’s worth the risk to don a fresh and clean pair of white sneakers. White looks great in every style, from leather platform kicks to canvas slip-ons.

And to really update your basic white sneakers this year, opt for an off-white cream-colored version instead. These vanilla-beige options are just as easy to coordinate as white sneakers, but they’re just a little bit different than the average overdone white sneakers out there.

Designer Sneakers

Sneakers were once reserved for activewear and casual footwear brands, but today, even the most respected high-fashion designers are putting their own spin on sneakers.

If you’re comfortable shelling out some extra cash for your shoes, look to big brands from Balmain to Gucci. Designer options tend to be bigger, bolder, and better, with striking prints and made of only the best quality materials.

No matter your style, if your budget allows it, you can certainly find a pair of designer sneakers that satisfy both your need for comfort and your interest in artsy designs.

Color Blocking

Fashion has grown more colorful during the pandemic, so it’s no surprise to see that sneakers are becoming more colorful too. And in some cases, this means seeing several pops of color all in the same shoe.

Color blocking is the way to go to embrace this colorful trend. Blocks of color have always worked well on active sneakers, with stripes and layers of leather or rubber making it easy to use multiple shades.

And there’s something whimsical and optimistic about bright-colored sneakers for 2022. They feel both cool and geeky at the same time, sort of like borrowing surprisingly fashionable clothes from a 5 year old.

Look for a sporty style shoe color blocked with pastels or primary colors for a fun alternative to your typical white or black sneakers.

Vegan Materials

In 2022, vegan sneakers will be everywhere as more people become conscious of eco-activism and animal rights.

And while certain options like canvas sneakers have always been (at least mostly) vegan, today’s sneakers are seeing vegan versions of leather and suede. Think of it like faux meat, but for the footwear industry.

With vegan footwear on the rise, try a pair of your own, and you may be pleasantly surprised by the high-quality materials.

Sneaker Trends to Try in 2022

Sneakers will continue to dominate footwear in 2022, with a variety of styles and sneaker trends to try.

Whether you’re into basic white or crazy color blocking, or whether you prefer 70s styles or 90s replicas, there’s a sneaker trend perfect for you this year.

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