Abortion, Vox, Abascal, EPN, Trump
Abortion, Vox, Abascal, EPN, Trump

The producer is again at the center of controversy after posting on his social media posts showing his support for the leader of the Spanish far-right Vox party and being part of those demonstrating against the decriminalization of abortion.

Mexico City, 7 September (However). – Three young men dressed in black move on stage to the rhythm of a catchy song called “if you go”All around them, excited fans shouted their admiration.

This is an old show for Cairo, a Mexican pop group that was fairly popular in the ’90s.

of members boy band Who dances and sings to the beat of the music, someone with dark hair stands out, he wears leggings and a black jacket that leaves his muscles exposed, is about Eduardo Verastegui, who years later moved from the stage to the realm of controversy for his support of politicians associated with them Far-right movements And his opposition miscarriage.

The Mexican singer, actor and producer made headlines after accepting a position as a member of the Presidential Advisory Committee on Hispanic Prosperity in the administration. Donald Trump, in an initiative that allegedly sought to improve the situation of Hispanics living in that country.

Now, he’s back in the spotlight by speaking out about two issues causing controversy in mexico: spanish visit Santiago AbascalThe leader of the Spanish far-right party Fox, their participation in protests outside Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation (SCJN)The decriminalization of abortion in Coahuila is being discussed this Tuesday for a second day.

The Leap in Activism, Politics and EPN

José Eduardo Verástegui, originally from Ciudad Mante, Tamaulipas. In addition to his adventure in the world of music, he was also a celebrity of opera operas, the most famous of which is “Soñadoras”. However, in the midst of success, he decided to emigrate to United State to try your luck. Although he took some steps in his career, his life took a turn after that, as he indicated in various interviews, he promised his parents not to get involved in projects that offended his family, his faith or people of Hispanic origin.

This conviction led him to found a production company that would make films that, in his opinion, honor the image of Hispanics but also promoted family values.

After a drastic change in his life, Verástegui was weaving tight Relationship with the world of politics. A tour of their social networks is enough to achieve rapprochement with politicians from all political parties such as the former governor of Sonora, Claudia Pavlovic; the current governor of Morelos, Cuauhtemoc Blanco; Former President of Mexico Vicente Fox The current Brazilian president Jair Bolsonaro The same Donald Trump; Pope… the list is endless.

This rapprochement with power earned him a series of criticisms in 2016, after the then Mexican president Enrique Peña Nieto He will be accused of using Air Force One for personal trips with family and friends.

The above, after Verástegui posted on social networks a series of photos on board “José María Morelos y Pavón”.

In an interview with YouTube, “Chisme there is no such” He explained that he traveled to Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua, to bid farewell to Pope Francis at the invitation of then First Lady Angelica Rivera; However, this is what I did in the area to reporters.

The debate over Verástegui’s relationship with the political elite did not end with the question presidential plane. In September last year, he sparked controversy on social media after accepting a position as an adviser in the Trump administration.

Even the American media like NBC, noted that other famous Latinos such as Ricky Martin and Luis Fonsi, had decided to support Trump’s opponent, Democrat Joe Biden.

Cooperation with Trump has been interpreted as a betrayal by the stance the former president has taken against immigrants and especially Mexicans since his election campaign, as well as his insistence on building. the wall On the border between the two countries.

The producer defended himself against criticism in an interview with Formula Radio He asserted that his appointment was a step forward in the struggle for the rights of the Hispanic community in the United States.

In another episode related to Trump, Verastegui changed his image from Twitter profile To put this former president as a protest sign on the social network to permanently suspend the account of the former president, in January of this year.

Verastegui also noted that his support for Trump is because he supports those who support life, referring to the anti-abortion movements he also supports.

On Monday, Eduardo Verastegui boasted on his social networks Meeting with Santiago AbascalThe leader of the Spanish far-right party Fox, who was visiting Mexico last week to meet senators for national action to sign a letter “against the progress of communism”.

Verastegui’s gratitude comes in the midst of the controversy sparked by Abascal’s visit to Mexico and his meeting with senators from the National Action Party (PAN), who have been widely criticized for this meeting.

Lawmakers signed the call Madrid List Against the “Advance of Communism”. The case generated widespread controversy, with a large portion of the already implicated PAN members already distancing themselves, including Senator Lily Telles and leaders of the opposition organization.

Verastigi has also been part of the demonstrations that have been taking place since Monday outside the SCJN in Mexico City against Decriminalization of abortion in the state of Coahuila.

Via Facebook accountOn Monday evening, he, along with fellow actor and singer Alex Servent, broadcast a video showing a group of people outside the court singing “Ave Maria,” prayer, the Rosary and other activities.


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