AC Valhalla
AC Valhalla

After forging an alliance with Lincolnscire and returning to Ravensthorpe, Eivor has yet another decision to make in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla.

Randvi will enlist the help of Eivor in deciding whether Holger or Gudrun is right.

Also, you have to decide whether to support Sigurd’s judgment or say that it’s unfair.

Here’s how you can choose between Holger and Gudrun, and also whether to support Sigurd’s judgment in AC Valhalla.

Holger or Gudrun is right

Holger will claim that he only found the cloth that Gudrun dumped outside. He claimed that it looked like garbage and his painting and writings made it more valuable.

Gudrun claims that she has lost the value of the item and demands that Holger pay her back.

To be fair, whichever answer you choose will not be heard. Sigurd will intervene when you choose to answer.

Support Sigurd’s judgment or judgment is unfair

This is the important part of the quest.

If you support Sigurd’s judgment even though it is not reasonable (30 times the payment), it will lead to the good ending. The ending of the game depends on a lot of these choices in the game.

If you make enough good choices, you will get the good ending.

Saying that the judgment is unfair is a strike towards the ending.


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