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Are you looking for an aesthetic Snapchat logo?A cute Snapchat logo, an alternative Snapchat logo, or something similar? You’re in the right place!

We have a large collection of aesthetic Snapchat logo examples that would look great for whatever project you’re working on.

Just save the Snapchat icons and logos we have in this article (right-click), screenshot, or whatever works best for you.

We have several aesthetic Snapchat logo and icon alternatives for you to choose from.

So feel free to use the Table of Contents to find something you’d most be interested in.

Let’s dive in:

Aesthetic Snapchat logo (yellow)

Yellow always looks great for any Snapchat logo considering it’s Snap’s native color.

Snapchat logo (white background, circular icon)

White ghost, yellow Snapchat logo, with a white background.

Snapchat icon (green, orange)

White ghost, in an orange square logo, with a circular green background.

Snapchat icon (green, orange, cloud)

Similar to the above with the white ghost, but with a green cloud background with a couple basic clouds mixed in

Snapchat logo (pastel pink ghost)

White ghost with a pink ghost background.

Snapchat logo (white ghost, yellow background)

White ghost with yellow background, negative space style with pastel.

Snapchat logo (yellow silhouette, black background)

Black ghost, yellow outline with black background.

Snapchat icon (white ghosts, orange background)

Twin ghosts with orange background.

Snapchat logo (pastel pink, black silhouette)

Pink aesthetic, pink ghost outlined in pink, with pink background.

Snapchat logo (gray, brown, oatmeal)

Gray, oatmeal style.

Snapchat logo (yellow, stylish, animation)

Loosely drawn, wavy style similar to normal Snapchat icon aesthetic.

Snapchat logo (pink background)

Snapchat logo (orange background)

Snapchat logo (purple / light purple background)

Snapchat logo (green / lime green background)

Snapchat logo (teal background)

Snapchat logo (gray background)

Snapchat logo (3D, cool)

If you’re looking for a 3-dimensional Snapchat logo with a bit of a cool flare (hat on backwards, tongue out), this could be something worth considering.

Snapchat logo (cute, aesthetic)

Snapchat logo (red, white ghost)

White ghost, black outline, red background.

Snapchat logo (red, black ghost)

Black ghost with red background.

Snapchat icon HD

Purple icon, pink outline silhouette, overlaid on brick background.

Snapchat logo (pastel pink)

Loosely drawn pink ghost, black outline, hearts, on white background.

Cute Snapchat logo (pink, purple unicorn)

Unicorn style aesthetic Snapchat logo, purple ghost, on white backgroun

Cute Snapchat logo (ribbon, space, futuristic)

Winking face cute Snapchat logo, space style, with ribbon, tongue out.

Cute Snapchat logo (rainbow)

White ghost with rainbow trail.

Cool Snapchat logo (sunglasses)

Cool, shades, tongue out. White ghost with white/gray background.

Snapchat logo (cheetah, leopard print)

Cheetah, leopard aesthetic Snapchat logo, missing face.

Snapchat logo (cow print)

Moo! Cow print, no face, black outline, no background.


In this article, we added several aesthetic Snapchat logos, icons, and alternative logos based on color, background, silhouette, and other factors.

Some you might call aesthetic; others you might consider cute Snapchat logos.

Whatever you’re looking for, we hope these brought a bit of flavor to the traditional Snapchat logo.

Or provided some inspiration on what type of aesthetic Snapchat logo you’re looking for.


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