Aiseesoft Screen Recorder Review – The Best Screen Recording Software


Screen recorders have become so much popular in the modern-day and age, ever since people started using them to record tutorials so they can help out their friends, and even gameplay videos that they have been recording, the demand for these recorders has jumped exponentially. The thing about these software solutions is that with so many available in the market, you have to decide the right one properly.

You can easily end up going with something that is less than ideal if you are not sure what you are looking for, and that just causes more confusions in the way. Right now, however, we want to talk about Aiseesoft Screen Recorder, one of the best screen recording software available in the market. The best part about this software solution is that you cannot really go wrong with it, and you can use it without any issues that might come in the way.

In this Aiseesoft Screen Recorder Review, we will be looking at various aspects that make this software so good, and why we think that this will help you get the best possible experience.

Aiseesoft Screen Recorder Features

When it comes to screen recorders, more often than not, the features are rather concentrated. Obviously, you would not want to pay for features that are not needed or are just gimmicks at best. Thankfully, this software does not present any of the features that might seem rudimentary and comes with all the basic and advanced features that adhere to screen recorders.

  • Capture Online Video: If you have just come across a video on the internet that you really want to capture but there is no way to properly download it, you can go ahead and start capturing it without any issues that might come in the way. You can capture videos from platforms such as YouTube, Vimeo, TED, Daily Motion, as well as a lot of other platforms. You do not even have to worry about not being able to capture the audio because the software already does that.

  • Record Gameplay Videos: If you are someone who prefers recording gameplay videos so you can share them your friends, or upload them, the good news is that you can easily get that done when you are using this screen recorder.

  • Screencast Your Webcam: If you are giving lectures to some people over Skype or other similar software solutions and you want to be able to record those lectures, you can actually use this screen recorder to record the sessions without any issues that you might be facing.

  • Make Tutorials: Another great feature is that it actually allows you to make tutorials. You have easy grab operations that you can use to make the most of the situation you are in and create some amazing tutorials with ease.

  • Basic Editing Options: The screen recorder also gives you some basic video editing options both in terms of videos and screenshots that you take. This is great for those who want to be able to record the videos and upload them right away.

Reasons You Should Use Aiseesoft Screen Recorder

In all honesty, there are many reasons you should go to such a screen recorder. Simply because it gives you such a great package. There is pretty much everything that you could ask for in this screen recorder, and all of the features work really well, too. You cannot really run into any issues when you are relying on this recorder, and that is the best part.

Still, we are discussing the reasons so you do not have to waste a lot of time finding them.

Quick and Effortless Recording

The thing about screen recording is that the simpler it is, the better your overall experience is going to be. This means that there is no need to use the software solutions that are littered with technicalities because if you go that route, you will end up being confused.

The good news about this particular screen recorder is that it is extremely easy to use and offers a quick and effortless experience when it comes to recording and capturing the screen.

Offers Editing Options

I would not be surprised if you tell me that you want to be able to share the videos as soon as you are done recording them, and for that, you get basic editing options too. Which only makes things easier for you.

With this, you can edit the images or videos once you are done capturing them and share them right away. Saving you a lot of time that you would otherwise spend using 3rd party editors.

Light on Resources

A lot of screen recorders that I have used in the past are pretty heavy on the resources. So much so that if you are recording gameplay, you will instantly notice the frames plummeting, which never is a good thing to experience.

Thankfully, when you are using something like the Aiseesoft Screen Recorder, you do not have to worry about having your resources taken away because it happens to be fairly easy and lenient on the resources, allowing you to have a much smoother and easier experience.

How to Use Aiseesoft Screen Recorder?

The thing about Aiseesoft Screen Recorder is that it happens to be one of the easiest to use screen recorders available in the market. Using it is super simple and easy. Still, some people have difficulties finding the right method to use it, and that is what we are going to address here.

Below, you will find the complete tutorial to record the screen as well as audio on Windows.

Step 1: The first step is to launch the software and click on Video Recorder, and you will get the menu that is shown in the screenshot below. Make the required adjustments and then you can proceed to the next step. Once you are done selecting the parameters, simply hit on Rec.

Step 2: The next process is choosing the editing portion. Here you can change things like adding text, adding specific labels, and such. The recording will be going on at this point.

Step 3: You can stop the recording button once you are done recording, and the next process is the preview stage where you can preview the footage you have just captured. From that point, you can simply go ahead and save it in whatever supported format you want to save it in.

If you want to record audio, simply relaunch the software, and click on Audio Recorder this time, change the parameters according to your requirements, and you would be good to go.


As far as the pricing is concerned, we personally believe that the software is priced relatively well. It does not cost a lot of money, which is certainly a good thing. The pricing remains the same on both Mac and Windows version, which is certainly a good thing and can be checked out below.

  • Lifetime License for 5 PCs: $69.00.
  • Lifetime License for 1 PC: $23.40.

Additionally, you can even go for a commercial license if you want to, but for that, you will have to request a quote from the developers, but the option is certainly available for 100+ computers.


Although there is no way to deny that screen recording software solutions have become a lot more popular than they used to be. Another thing is that you don’t really need to complicate them. The simpler these software solutions are, the better it is going to be for everyone. This is one thing that many developers fail to understand and that is why they end up complicating their software solutions.

Thankfully, the Aiseesoft Screen Recorder is perhaps the easiest screen recording software available in the market. The software is super simple to use, and anyone who wants to have a decent and cohesive experience should go for it. It is perhaps the best screen recorder I have used in a long time.


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