alejandra baleato marichal


Alejandra Baleato Marichal is the former wife of Jose Fernandez, an American baseball player. The pair were high school sweethearts and married in December 2012 in Tampa, Florida. Although they were only 20 years old, the couple was famous for their lovemaking and wild ways. However, the couple’s marriage lasted only 1.5 years, and the couple hasn’t disclosed the reason for the split.

After her husband died in a boating accident in Cuba, Marichal became a household name. She had only been dating Fernandez for 18 months. She had recently moved to Florida with her boyfriend Maria Arias, and the two had a daughter together, Tatiana. The couple was engaged for five months before Jose passed away, and the couple’s daughter was born in 2016. Despite the controversy surrounding the death of Jose Fernandez, Marichal continued to silent.

Alejandra Baleato Marichal, a native of Uruguay, married Jose Fernandez on December 20, 2012, in Tampa, Florida. The couple was married after he had split with his girlfriend Maria Arias. The couple had met at the movies and had been dating for a short time. They got engaged after only five months of dating. In addition to her husband, Marichal also has a daughter, Penelope Jo Fernandez.

The couple had a daughter, Tatiana, on July 29, 2017. Neither of them had children. They split in 2013, and they remained married. The couple had a daughter, Tatiana. They also had one son, Jose, who died five months later. Sadly, Jose Fernandez passed away five months later. The death certificate for Jose Fernandez was released and TMZ obtained it. While Marichal and Fernandez are still together, their lives are no longer the same.

Alejandra Baleato Marichal had a short but eventful life. She was a high school sweetheart and was a baseball player. She was married to Jose Fernandez in December of 2012 and was popular in Tampa. She had a child with the baseball player, Tatiana. In high school, the couple had a baby girl named Tatiana. Their relationship ended after her ex-husband’s death.

Jose Fernandez and Tatiana were married for two years before he died in a speedboat crash in September. During their relationship, the two remained friends and were married on November 20, 2012. They had no children. In 2015, they had a baby girl. They were both still in school and the children were born in March 2016. After Jose’s death, they were married again on April 24, 2015.

Jose and Alejandra Baleato Marichal was married on September 25, 2016. They were married in the year 2012. Their marriage lasted for two years. In 2013, they got divorced. The couple had a daughter together in 2016. José Fernandez was a Cuban-born baseball player and he was the first pick of the Miami Marlins in the 2011 MLB draft. They later split after his marriage.


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