Alfred Megbuluba charged for the murder of Catherine Khan 


An Atlanta man has been indicted in connection with the death of a woman he allegedly pushed out of his moving Lamborghini.

Alfred Megbuluba, 31 years old, charged with murder on October 10, 2021 death of 28 years old Catherine Khan. The woman was run over by another car late at night in the Buckhead neighborhood and rushed to a nearby hospital, where she later died.

The original defendant self return to the Fulton County Jail a week after Khan’s death. He was charged with felony murder, theft by taking and stealing a financial transaction card at the time. The recent indictment is a formalization of the charges already granted.

Follow 911 calls received by local NBC affiliate WXIA, witnesses described seeing the woman being “thrown out of the car”, described as a gray Lamborghini, after some sort of altercation.

“It’s a gray Lambo,” one caller told the 911 dispatcher. “There was a conflict at Red Taqueria. I went out and saw her in the front seat of the Lambo. The Lambo went right next to me and then they threw her out of the car on the roof. “

The caller went on to say that the driver “walked away” after the woman was pushed out of the high-priced luxury vehicle.

A Fulton County subpoena alleges Megbuluba also stole Khan’s wallet containing cash and credit cards – then used one of these cards to buy energy drinks, tobacco products and chewing gum – before when you die.

“Alfred Megbuluba committed murder when he pushed Catherine Khan out of his vehicle while it was moving in an illegal and malicious manner. “Catherine died of her injuries from being pushed out of the car.”

However, the defendant’s attorney questioned the character of the events. Steve Sadow asserted that Khan’s death was an accident and that his client was innocent.

“Mr. Megbuluba is not guilty of the charges against him,” said defense attorney. “Ms. Khan’s death was a tragic accident. We expect the evidence at the trial to show her He may have been intoxicated and jumped or fell out of the car on his own.

In a hearing last November, a Fulton County judge dismissed the defendant’s tie based on his assessment that he was a danger to the community. Specifically, the judge said, Megbuluba had connections to several potential witnesses in the case and had concerns about intimidation, according to journalist WXIA Jessica Brown.

Khan’s friends miss her as a source of light and joy.

“She has been there for me so many dark times and has nothing to say but being sweet and loving to someone and the amount of light that comes from this person is amazing,” Mikey Hollingsworth told the door. row. “What I miss most about her right now is that she was always there. She was always there, for everyone. ”


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