All things you need to know before designing a Website

Designing a Website
Designing a Website

As technology has progressed, the world of online stores has also increased. Today, a professional-looking website can draw many customers. A website could be an assortment of sites and connected content that’s known by a standard name and revealed on a minimum of one web server. Individuals, companies and businesses own a website to showcase their products or services all under one click. Customers find more trust if they find your website and they do not have to fall for imposters. As the website is a crucial thing to an individual or company, in the same way, designing a good-looking and arranged website is also important. It gives a good impression in the eyes of the customers, owing to their trust. 

Important Tips for your Website Design

  • It is very important to have a plan. Figure out the aesthetics and theme you want to keep for your website. You need to choose a presentable theme that will suit your products or services or profile. 
  • The second thing you need to do is remove stock images and vague terminology. Make sure that the pictures that you put up on the website are not commercially free. Add unique pictures that only you own. The text format should not be lengthy. The font of the texts is a vital thing to consider. Easy to read fonts make the customers happy. 
  • You should definitely add social media accounts and follow buttons on the website. It helps the customers to connect with you on social media platforms as well. 
  • Customer service is helpful to your customers. For any complaints and suggestions, your customer service sector can resolve the problems. You should include the customer service contacts on the web page. 
  • Using the right images will hold on to the customer’s interest. If the images do not match your products or the theme of the website then it gives an unprofessional impression to your customers. 
  • You should also create navigation. It will guide users through your site so that the people can reach and read the appropriate products or part of the website. 
  • A homepage is the face of any website. Thus you should let your customers scroll through your homepage. A homepage should include all the buttons to other web pages. It allows visitors to conveniently surf your website. The homepage should also have an introduction about the individual, company or business.  
  • You should optimize the white space on your website. Make your texts very crisp and add appropriate images. 
  • People nowadays mostly search websites from their phones. Thus you must make your website mobile-friendly. The format of a desktop is different from mobile. You should make the necessary changes to perfectly fit the mobile display. 
  • SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. SEO writings help your website to pop up or get suggested in the best way possible by the search engine. You should know the crucial points to write an SEO based blog or article. You can also hire a professional to write SEO writings for you. 
  • There are more things that you should keep in mind before publishing the website. Test the navigation of your website along with the content. Find out if there are any errors on the website. A misdirection can disappoint visitors. 
  • Your website should stand out from the rest of the websites. Give a unique impression to your customers. Hook them with readable texts and aesthetically pleasing images. 

How to create a Website Design?

Gone are the days when you had to learn HTML and other designing software to create your website. These days you will find many companies that make professional websites for you. San Francisco Web designs excel in it. Web designers provide you with templates or tailor a website according to your niche. 


Making an eye-catching website has never been this easy. You can experiment with the provided templates or ask the designer to craft a website according to your choice. Website design is a great marketing tool. Thus you should focus on the beautification of it. 


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