Alpha Heater
Alpha Heater

Alpha Heater is a portable and compact space heater, making it super easy for the consumer to warm the room or take it to work. It’s a ceramic heater, designed safer than other heaters and known for an efficient heating of a small room or your personal space.

Alpha Heater is for consumers who do not want to spend a handsome amount but want to keep warm during winter. In other words, it claims to be the cheapest but is a safer alternative to stay in a warm and cozy environment. As per the manufacturers, it can heat up the room in just 2 minutes, with its commendable safety feature. Furthermore, it also cuts off your monthly electric bill.

Alpha Heater is a portable personal heater. It is designed to keep your room warm with unique features; read the following review. So for your ease, we have created a precise guide of working, remarkable features, and benefits of the Alpha Heater. Just go down with an air of serenity, and read the most important aspects.

Alpha Heater Review

In winter, everyone needs a fast, rapid, and instant heating solution. The conventional heating-up method is so expensive and sometimes is not enough, unlike the traditional heater that is costly and eats up tons of power. The Alpha Heater does not consume too much energy that ultimately eliminates your utility bill. One more method is a fireplace that is also risky and harmful; It also eats up too much gas, and soot is the result of burning wood.

So the ultimate savior is an Alpha Heater; It is built to last and does not harm your health. The idea of wearing layers over layers is not going to work because it is way uncomfortable and eating lots of hot food does not turn coldness into warmth.

Do not underestimate it by its small size or cheapest in price. As per the company, it works very well. This undersized heater makes your surroundings warm with less energy consumption; it consumes energy similar to running the hairdryer. The company compares its electricity consumption with a hairdryer that every American uses regularly.

The topmost benefit of the Alpha Heater is that anyone can use it. Everyone is safe! Your kids and your pet are safe, but an appropriate amount of caution and care is recommended when the heater is operating. You should not leave the heater unattended because it is used to produce heat and touching it can be harmful.

Alpha Heater Specifications:

  • It heats up the rooms to 75 degrees in just 2 minutes.
  • Easy to use and following 24 hours running, it’s incredibly cheap.
  • The Alpha Heater wattage is 650-1200 Watts that is lower than any commercial space heater’s watt.
  • The material used in it is PTC Ceramic fast.

Alpha Heater Working

Alpha Heater ensures your comfort and warmth that you are going to need in this winter. When it comes to a warm small space, Alpha Heater takes the cake. As per the official website, this heater is suitable for small rooms because of its compact size. To be clear that it is not appropriate for the big room and hall. Indeed, it can work well in small personal spaces, offices, garages, and basements. For working, there are oscillators installed in it to produce warm air.

In the USA, winters are not easy; a third of the annual energy bill accounts for heating costs. This means that it costs about a hundred dollars annually to warm your home. At first, this device appears as a dream. Alpha is made of innovative PTC Ceramic Technology and produces rapid heating with energy efficiency, reducing the bill by 30%.

Below are the many qualities relating to its work, which make it stand out the best.

  • Even distribution of air:

The Alpha Heater works in the manner of evenly distribution of warm air throughout the room. It clears that no part of the room will remain cool.

  • No smell:

Most heaters produce an intense smell while working that is unbearable for most of the users. This happens when waste particle-like mold forms inside, which burns and releases a foul odor. Don’t worry about this in Alpha Heater because their installed filters do not let any obnoxious particles stay in it.

  • Nano-filter:

It comes with a pre-installed nano filter. These antimicrobial filters ensure that any bacteria does not pass through, and the air coming out is expected to be clean and fresh.

  • Timer:

Alpha Heater comes with a timer with four modes. You can adjust the timer according to your needs.

How to use Alpha Heater?

It is super easy; you just need to uncover it from its packing, especially all plastic wrapping. Place it on a leveled surface such as a table or any nightstand. Before starting the device, find the safety button on the device’s backside and activate it.

Then, make sure that it is plug-in and the power supply is on. To turn the heater on, there is a button on the front. The bottom right switch is the timer that you can set as per your convenience. Users can set the timer and adjust the fan speed. Bright LCD screen shows temperature even when it is dark.

Alpha Heater Reviews – Features

Winter becomes a more enjoyable session if you have quality equipment to deal with it. Most people are unaware of the features that a good heater requires. Alpha Heater contains almost every credible feature that every good heater is supposed to have; it will make your winter a good season. Below is the required feature that every writer must know:

  • Compact & Lightweight

The Alpha Heater is compact in size. Typically, a regular heater takes up too much space because of its pretty huge size; that measures around 27.88 inches(length), 5.75 inches (height) approximately. Additionally, carries a heavyweight of around 3 kg. On the other hand, Alpha Heater is made to meet your basic needs with its sleek and modern design and does not take too much space. To be clear, that Alpha Heater is not so big that makes it easy going everywhere you want to place it.

Lastly, the Alpha Heater is ceramic, not metallic, so touching the device’s body is not a good option. Let it cool down for safety.

  • Portable

The everyday need is a portable heater; the Alpha Heater is built with a modern and sleek design that makes this winter complain less.

You can place it anywhere you want and carry it with you to even at a gym or an office. You can have it all the time, and it can warm you anytime, anywhere. Its adjustable heating system enables you to use it in winter or all cold weather. For personal use, you don’t need numerous heaters for a different room. It’s just a single heater, and you can use it all day. Furthermore, you can also fix it anywhere because of its small space carrying feature.

  • Safety Features

First and foremost, electrical appliances are not a safe choice even if they are efficient and comfortable. There are built-in safety modes in the Alpha Heater. It is safer than another convection heater. The Alpha Heater possesses tip-over and overheats protection features; this results in using it without any danger. It is built in a way that if the temperature goes beyond 122 degrees Fahrenheit, its automatic feature lowers the room temperature to 104 degree Fahrenheit. If the temperature exceeds the suggested threshold three times in a row, its auto-censor turns off the device that guarantees maximum safety.

When such an event arises, it will stop warm air and release ambient air to cool down the environment for 30 seconds before shutting down completely.

Here is a precise description of Alpha Heaters safety:

  1. On overheating, it automatically shuts off.
  2. This device is equipped with 1 to 6-hour timers and adjustable heat settings.
  3. Alpha shuts down automatically after 6 hours and it only operates continuously for six hours then turns off for the cooling purpose.
  4. Concluded, Safe for kids and pets but cautions are must.
  • Fast heating

The device ensures speedy function; one Alpha Heater unit can heat up a 350 sq feet size room in 10 minutes and it takes less than 3 minutes to heat up your space which is relatively rapid, unlike the many devices that almost take one hour to heat up your space. Alpha Heater made to ease and comfort. This means you don’t have to waste long hours and shiver in the freezing room. Moreover, the device comes with a fully adjustable heat setting so that you can select the heat speed best suited to you.

  • Easy to use

The Alpha Heater is manufactured in a way that is using it as a piece of cake. Even the immature who have no electronics experience can use it quickly because there is no such hard and fast rule. Just take it out from its pack, place it on a suitable place such as a flat surface, nightstand, or desk. Plug the heater on the socket wall, and you can turn it on. Keep that in mind; don’t place it near a flammable object.

  • Inaudible device

Alpha Heater is designed to perform a quiet operation. Most of the user’s concern is the comfort that does not come from a noisy environment. Its noiseless function makes users forget that they even have a heater in their room. This proved efficient in daily activities without interruption.

  • Energy Efficient

An energy-efficient device is a must for the user who does not make lots of money. Alpha Heater is energy efficient as it does not consume much power, and you don’t have to pay thousands of dollars every month. Alpha would be a visible change to your home.

  • Clean air

An essential feature related to comfort is clean air. Alpha Heater comes with an air cleaner device that also works while heating the room. No weird smell resists anymore.

Where to Buy Alpha Heater? Pricing and Packages

Right now, Alpha Heater is available at a 50% discount when you purchase through this link. It is available in different packages. When it comes to pricing, it’s the cheapest. This heater is only available online on its official website. The company has no other source for selling it. It is also not available on Amazon or any local store.

Comparing the price of other heaters with the Alpha Heater, Alpha Heater is quite reasonable. If you visit the official website, you will see that there are discount offers with different packages. Here is a list of prices of Alpha devices:

  • One Alpha Heater pack for only $49.95
  • In the pack of two-unit, the price of each device is only $47.45 each
  • For three Alpha Heater units, the price becomes lower : $44.96 each
  • Four Alpha Heater units for only $42.46 each
  • There is also a package for five units; the price is $39.96

It means that when the unit goes up, the price gets lower. So it looks better to have more than one if you are buying for the family. On the other hand, if you’re buying it for the first time it is better to buy one unit which is also strongly recommended.

This is the lowest price because of the super offer of discount. Otherwise, the original amount of one Alpha Heater is $169.98. The above prices also do not include delivery charges that are $9.95, and there are no hidden charges.

Plus, the company offers a 30-days money-back guarantee. Buyers do not fear buying it. They can use it for 30 days, and they have an option to keep it or return it. In the meantime, you decide if it satisfies your needs or not? If not! You can return it and get back your money without any hassle. Note you will not be returning any delivery or shipping charges.

Alpha Heater benefits as mentioned on the official website:

  • Easy to use
  • Portable
  • Fast functioning
  • Not so expensive
  • It comes with a built-in timer
  • It has a noiseless function
  • It filters the air
  • Discount in prize
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Energy efficient
  • Produce fine smell

Alpha Heater Reviews – Final Thoughts

Considering the above study and quick look of customer review and feature analysis of Alpha Heater. Of course, this device is a plug-in heater that can warm up the small and tiny house. It does not cover the large houses but can cover 350 square feet of area. Increase in unit can cover space more than it. When it comes to the most efficient feature, health is everything.

According to the website, Alpha Heater possesses advanced safety features tip-over and overheats protection. Alpha no-risk heating system with its overheating management system, giving you peace of mind!. Note that it is crucial to maintain a general distance and do not let your children and pet get too near it; they can get hurt.

Furthermore, Alpha Heater has a PTC Ceramic heating element for fast and safe heating; it makes rooms cozy while slashing energy bills. We take winter for granted or even something just for the sake of little money; we let our room remain bone-chilling. The solution is Alpha Heater because it is budget-friendly. Happy winter!

Alpha Heater Reviews – Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do I restart the heater if it overheats or tips over?

If it tips over, you need to restart it. Firstly, you should remove the obstruction that caused the unit to tip over or overheat. Your second step should be to power off the device by switching the button off.

After that, you need to plug it out from the wall outlet and wait 5-10 minutes for the heater to cool down. Then, when it is entirely cool, Plug the heater back in and resume operation. If the heater fails to function normally, you may have a defective unit. Please do not continue the operation. Then, you should call customer service to get an immediate replacement.

  1. Who is the Alpha Heater for?

Alpha Heater is for those people who want a good heater on a low budget. It is cheaper, and it does not need a lot of energy. It is a budget-friendly heating device for those who are looking for a device for personal space heating.

  1. Would it be appropriate to use this Heater in the bathroom?

No, you cannot use an Alpha Heater in the bathroom. In fact, most of the heaters should not be used in the bathroom or wet areas. It is not safe. Only those heaters that are UL rated for bathroom use should be used in bathrooms.

  1. How Many Amps and Watts Does Alpha Heater Use?

On a low setting, 650W (Low), while on high settings, 1200W (High).

  1. How do I get a refund if I am not satisfied?

If you received a defective unit and even you are not satisfied or impressed by this device, you can quickly start the refund process. For this, you need to call the customer support team of the company. The team will guide you after your refund request is approved. Check out the complete refund policy by visiting the official website.


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