US-based singer-songwriter Fester Gbieor, popularly known as Yungfester is slowly but surely making his up the ranks in the music industry. The lack of originality is arguably the most concerning for music lovers today, and Yungfester is addressing that with his fresh music releases. 

He first burst into the scene with his September 2017 release, named Blessings. The song touched the audience primarily because of its concept to which they could relate. As the song became widely loved and accepted all over the world, Yungfester went ahead to release a few more, which were equally adored. One of his most popular songs, Ezi Nwanyi, gained him the stardom, and there was no looking back from then on. 

Last year, he released a song named ‘Mako’ in collaboration with one of Liberia’s Top artists, Dinho. The song received a lot of appreciation from the audience, and some even went on to say that they got hooked to its vibrant rhythm. That has always been the differentiating factor of Yungfester’s music, which has a certain vibe and vibrancy attached to it. ‘Mako’ is a perfect example of his ‘larger than life’ style of music. 

‘I make music to connect with my audience in a way that they feel positive while listening to my songs. They are my motivation. Their support keeps me going. I have several upcoming releases and am sure that they’ll love all of those.’ – Yungfester

Yungfester’s songs are now a regular feature on Big Liberian internet radio stations like and Moreover, he has also established himself as a popular artist on prominent music platforms like iHeartRadio, Itunes, Google play, etc. 

Born in Monrovia, Liberia, Fester Gbieor a.k.a Yungester was keenly interested in music ever since his childhood. And, not long after, he decided to take the professional route. While the journey has not been a cakewalk, he has definitely starting to make his presence felt. His social media handles are flooded with positive reviews and appreciation, which reflects the quality of his songs and growing popularity. 

Fester has a number of upcoming releases, the most immediate one being ‘Chunk Me Away’. It is one of his most anticipated releases and is expected to deliver outstanding performance, just like his previous songs. 


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