Marriage Requires Amnesia



We all have witnessed that there are several jokes associated with married life. You might be wondering whether they are true or not. So the phrase “Marriage requires Amnesia” has opened a debate on this topic. This is one of the most discussed but least researched topics on the planet. The marriage problems might end up destroying the relationship between the individuals. Therefore it is of the utmost importance that you pay attention to the smallest details.

The feelings fade away, and the looks become dull over time, but you and your partner remain. Now you will find what life truly has to offer. This is not something very admirable. Therefore we advise you to take your married life seriously and deal with the issues promptly to avoid mishap. Marriage is the name of responsibility. If you are not ready to uptake it, then you should never go for it in the first place.

Do real marriage requires amnesia or not

Every relationship passes through a stage where they think they might be unable to make it to the end. This is the time when they start having doubts about their partners. The feelings for each other start shifting. The anger and frustration levels are so high that sometimes you cannot endure them. But if you are not ready to give in, then you can never be ready to live in a relationship.

The link between marriage amnesia and current events

You might wonder what this has to do with the marriage requiring amnesia. So let us tell you that all these conditions are the ones a person wants to forget. If you do not forget such minor details, then they will frustrate you, and at the end of the day, they will destroy your relationship. Therefore overlooking the problems is the only solution. This is why married couples pray for amnesia to easily forget such scenarios.

The trending post

Now you might be wondering why this term is trending so much in the current times and why we are currently talking about it. So let us tell you that recently a post was shared by a woman regarding her married life. In this post, you will find all the factors through which a woman can find her husband to be the sole problem of her life. If you go through the complete post, then you will learn the details. She has shared every scenario ranging from his sneezing to his professional life.

Marriage is a two-way traffic

Although many people are taking it as a role model, women are trying to prove that they are the only ones who have to face these realities in a relationship. In fact, it is the other way around. Both sides have equal participation in any relationship. If you are frustrated, then didn’t you ever think your partner might be frustrated too. Also, the acts portray the changes and thoughts of a frustrated person. Therefore you cannot blame one side only.

The visible frustration

Now, if we talk about the post in question, then we will learn that this happens to be a post of a highly frustrated woman who might not have been living the ideal relationship life. But each line of her post tells us that she despises every act of her husband. Whether the husband sneezes or talks about work, she will hate it, and she has something negative going on in her mind. This is not an ideal condition at all.

The care factor

In any relationship, even if you do not like the partner’s acts, you should ensure they do not notice it. Also, ensure that you care for them so they refrain from such acts. But hating them secretly is not the solution to the problem. The woman writing the article has prayed for amnesia to solve her married life problems. But will it help her sort it out or not is the question for another time. Therefore, we must think and then act in a relationship to avoid destroying its beauty.

The realization and the compromise

No matter what happens, keep one thing in your mind whether you despise the person in front of you or your partner, even then, you will have to live with the same person under the same roof till you decide otherwise. It depends upon your actions whether you make this time a heaven for yourself or a hell with the help of your thoughts only. A change in attitude is imminent that will surely sort out most of the problems.

The end of the post

If we talk about the end of the article, then there she mentions that after despising every act of her husband, she broadens her vision and remembers why she chose him in the first place. This can be explained in another way that she might realize that there is no other chance for her except to suppress her despising feelings. This is only a compromise and not love that happens to be the true essence of your relationship life.

Is amnesia the solution you need

Although there are several factors that you would like to overlook while in marriage but praying for a solution such as an amnesia is not the way to do this. This might be too extreme. Therefore it is of the utmost importance that you take a step backward and remember why you are there in the first place and what makes your relationship beautiful. By remembering these details and avoiding the timely attractions, you can increase the life of your relationship.

Cling to positive vibes

Although the article in question does have some positive vibes, too but the negative impacts suppress them. We hope that you only cling to the positive ones.


You might be wondering whether marriage requires amnesia or not. So let us tell you that it depends upon the nature of your relationship. If you have a lovely relationship, then you will not want to forget even a second of it. On the other hand, if you are not satisfied, then you will try to forget it all, which would require amnesia.


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