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The performances on the screen rock only if the actor gives the best. Sometimes the actions get embedded in your memories, and those are the creations worth remembering. Angela stranger things the character has all you want in a perfect tv series character. If you do not know her, then it’s time that you get your online connection right and search for her.

Her character was so awesome that people searched for her again and again. This increase in the demand for her character information has also led to a straight investigation by the fans into the real-life details of the famous star. Therefore in this article, we will walk you through both aspects of the life of the famous actress. So that at the end of the day, you can say that you knew Angela stranger things character better than all the series fans.

Angela Stranger Things-A character worth remembering

Stranger Things is one of the best tv series franchises ever made. The ratings of the tv show are so high that people are always wondering for a new season to be released. If we talk about the most recently released season, the fourth one to be exact, we will learn that it had some fresh faces as the cast. Among these was the character Angela. If we try her real-life name, we will learn it was Elodie Grace Orkin.

Elodie Grace Orkin

The character of Elodie Grace Orkin was so perfect that the series fans fell in love with her. You might be wondering about the characteristics of the character she played on the screen, which made her adorable. Therefore we must take a look at the details. She is pretty, she is smart, and her character is the one that saves everyone at the end of the day, making her come out on top.

The career details

The perfect career and gifted skills

While going through the profile of the famous actress, we learn that she is also a tv personality, entrepreneur, and social media influencer. She is also equipped with exceptional singing skills. She depicted these skills on the Jimmy Kimmel Live show while she was just a child. This was her very first debut performance.

The modeling endeavor

We also discovered that the famous actress has entered a modeling career. You might witness her advertising for several brands and becoming part of different modeling shoots. Her singing and dancing skills are also second to none. A couple of agencies are managing her modeling career right now.

The personal life details

The birth profile

It might be time for all of the stranger things fan to know more about the charming little Elodie Grace Orkin. So why do not we start with her date of birth? The most obvious detail is available on the internet as of June 11, 2004. If we take the word, we will learn that she is only 18 years old as of 2022. Also, if you are wondering about the place of birth of the famous actress, then the result you will get will be Los Angeles.

Zodiac sign, ethnicity, religion, and nationality

The date of birth was an exceptional tool to deduce the zodiac sign, which in this case is Gemini. Also, the question regarding her ethnicity tells us that she is White Caucasian. Are you aware of the religious beliefs that she practices? Surely not. In such a scenario, it might be time that you learn that she is a Christian. Also, the nationality talks tell us that she is a blue-blooded American.

The academic profile


The stunning young star is too young for you to believe in her details. So you might go for the details regarding her academic career. That will be a damn smart move. So if we look at the names of the institutes she attended in the past, the names are numerous compared to the rest of the profiles.

The names of the institutes

We have mentioned them all below for your knowledge:

  • John D’Aquino Acting School
  • Young Actor’s Studio
  • Royal School of Music
  • Millennium Dance Complex

The family details

You might not stop by getting her personal details only. You will surely try to poke your nose into the family details. So why don’t we save you the hard work and bring you the details on a silver platter? Currently, all the researchers know about her family is the fact that her father’s name is Bill Orkin. Also, the records state that her mother’s name is Leah Aiken. There are no details regarding any siblings, so looking into that would be a waste of time.

The relationship profile

If you believe that you have any chance of getting your hand on the relationship life details of the famous Elodie Grace Orkin, then you are wrong. There is no chance of you getting them at all. She has not shared a single shred of information with the public. All we can say is that she is unmarried.

The physical profile

You are surely lacking on the right to information. So let us keep you up to speed. It is time to dive into the physical profile. The details suggest that the height mark of Elodie Grace Orkin is standing at 5 feet and 5 inches. Also, it can be expressed as 165 cm. The body weight is a detail you should not miss, and the information suggests that it is 58 Kg or 128 pounds. The blue eyes and blonde hair make her the most gorgeous creature ever walking on Earth.

The filmography

The below-mentioned filmography lets you get a detailed look at Elodie Grace Orkin’s acting past. So take a deep look at the names below:

  • We hunt together
  • Stage fight
  • Saving paradise
  • Stranger things

Net worth value

Although the numbers are not confirmed till today, researchers think that the star currently has a net worth value of approximately $500-700K.


Angela Stranger Things is none other than Elodie Grace Orkin. Her deep acting has inspired several newcomers, making her a beacon of light. We are certainly looking forward to some new projects by the star in the future.


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