Anna Kendrick Height in Feet, Weight, Measurements, and More


Anna Kendrick height in feet is 5’2”. But that is not all you want to know, right? The Pitch Perfect actress is one of the hottest Hollywood names and let’s find out all about her in this blog!

Anna rose to fame in 2008 as she starred alongside Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson in ‘Twilight.’

Before that, she made her debut in the 2003 film ‘Camp.’ With a sweet charisma and charm. However, you might be surprised to know that she is petite.

Anna Kendrick height in feet is 5’2”. She is short, but that is not something that takes away from her ability to perform.

Her gorgeous smile has been stunning fans since early 2000. She is a capable actress who fell in love with her after her famous number ‘When I Am Gone,’ in the movie Pitch Perfect!

Anna Kendrick’s career began when she appeared in musical comedies and rom-com films.

Her acting career is dotted with many beautiful performances, and she has quite a few notable awards and nominations. Anna Kendrick height in feet is not the only interesting about her.

Are you curious about Anna Kendrick and want to know which of her films to watch next? Then stick around to find out more about the Trolls actress!

Early Life and Career of Anna Kendrick

Anna Kendrick was born in 1985 on 9th August. Yes, you sadly missed her birthday, but if you were online during that time, you’d have seen the outpouring of love her fans shared for her online.

Anna Kendrick performed in theatres and worked on Broadway. Her main breakthrough during this era of her career was in ‘High Society,’ a Broadway comedy musical of 1998.

The plot of the musical was relatively straightforward, if not very entertaining. A high elite is trying to execute a pompous wedding with an ex-husband, trying to cause mischief.

Kendrick’s performance in it blew everyone away, and she won the prestigious Theatre World Award.

She was also nominated for other prestigious awards like Tony Awards and Drama Desk Awards. Her theatre work didn’t end there.

She would work closely with the New York City Opera and perform in ‘A Little Night Music.’

Films of Anna Kendrick

After her theatre work garnered much attention due to her talents, she soon made her debut film in 2003 with ‘Camp’ and then ‘Rocket Science’ in 2007.

She earned nominations for the Independent Spirits Awards for both films. The ‘Twilight’ franchise has been a cultural phenomenon with a lasting impact.

Whether you hate or love it, you’ve not escaped the memes.

Does Edwards’s infamous line ‘spider monkey’ that Pattinson delivered in that perfect mix of creepy and foreboding still haunt you? Same pinch, dear.

But that aside, the films had been a blockbuster juggernaut with fans and support outpouring from worldwide.

Anna Kendrick played the character of Jessica Stanley, Bella Swan’s friend.

You will not be surprised to learn that Kendrick managed to put more life and charisma into Jessica Stanley than her book counterpart could ever become.

Also, apart from Ashley Greene, who played Alice in Twilight, Kendrick’s Jessica shared interesting chemistry with Kristen’s Bella on screen.

For the brief time she showed up there, she became a fan favorite, particularly in 2020, as there was a Twilight renaissance online.

Anna Kendrick’s late-2000 era

In 2009, Kendrick starred beside George Clooney in ‘Up in the Air,’ for which she received many accolades and positive criticism.

She also earned Best Supporting Actress nominations in Bafta, Golden Globe, Academy Awards, and Screen Actors Guild Awards.

Kendrick has always been an awards show – darling and for a good cause. In 2012 she starred in the cult classic ‘Scott Pilgrim vs the World.’

The film has remained one of the best classic films from the 2000 era.

She also starred opposite Joseph Gordon Levitt in ‘50/50’. Critics praised her performance in this film too.

Also, did you know that Anna Kendrick has been a member of the Actors’ Branch in the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences since at least 2012?

It’s incredible. Though she has many nominations for prestigious awards, she has yet to win them. But there is no doubt about her acting prowess.

Pitch Perfect and Anna Kendrick

Her subsequent major work consists of the ‘Pitch Perfect’ franchise. During the filming of this franchise, Kendrick appeared in many movies, most of which were comedies.

Beca Mitchell’s character in Pitch Perfect became a household name, with many fans connecting with her story on screen.

Pitch Perfect would go on to become a cult classic as well. She then appeared as Cinderella in ‘Into the Woods’ in 2014.

Her subsequent career era includes the ‘Trolls’ franchise and other notable projects.

She also earned a nomination at the Primetime Emmy Awards for her role in ‘Dummy,’ a short series on Quibi.

She performed a significant role in a thriller space movie ‘Stowaway’ as the lead in 2021. Anna Kendrick height in feet is a little over 5 feet, but her stature didn’t negatively impact while playing the role.

Kendrick also has credit as an executive producer in Love Life and Dummy.

Love Life is a show Kendrick produced for HBO Max streaming service and plays the character of Darby there.

It is interesting to note that Kendrick is increasingly leaning towards more severe roles even though she has perfected the comedy genre.

Kendrick always plays her characters with e little more depth to them, which is evident from her performance.

Anna Kendrick Height in Feet, Weight, Measurements, and More

Anna Kendrick height and weight

Objectively speaking, she is what you would call petite. Kendrick is 1.57 m or 5’2’’ in feet. Now you have Anna Kendrick height in feet. She has also managed to stay remarkably green and youthful!

If you see her pictures from a decade ago, there’s no way you will be able to distinguish which is the current one!

The Stowaway actress is 37 years old, and her career still seems glorious. She has an extensive filmography and theatre background that undoubtedly helps her perform on screen.

The actress has well over 20 million followers on Instagram and is relatively active on that platform.

Her recent film, ‘Alice, darling,’ is doing numbers among critics as they praise Kendrick’s performance. In the movie, Kenrick’s range as an actress is apparent.

She portrays a character who has suffered enough in her life and goes on a trip with her friends, exposing her fragility and strength.

How tall is Anna Kendrick?

She is not very tall though she is around the average height range for women. Anna Kendrick height in feet is 5 feet and 2 inches.

Suppose you are waiting for some friendly movies from Kendrick to watch; you can go for Stowaway or Alice, Darling.

Both films have Kendrick delivering excellent performances, and they will leave you emotional and feeling something else for the characters on screen.

Kendrick has a unique talent for pulling out emotions layer after layer, which is on full display in these movies. The premises of the film are relatively simple.

But the cast, the score, and the field direction will leave you in awe.

Anna Kendrick is also very active on Twitter, and you will find her tweeting things happening on her days from time to time.

The actress is open about the projects she works on and the behind-the-scenes of it all. She also loves interacting with her fans and loves having them.

You can follow her on her social platforms if you want direct feed about recent or upcoming projects. Dummy has been one of the more surprising hits that critics loved.

The plot of that series is a little absurd but endearing in some ways. Her character is Cody, and she finds a quirky friend in Barbara, who is a sex doll. Adventure and shenanigans ensue.

Kendrick height is not unusual. Many women are around 5 feet tall. The average height of women in America is about 5 feet 4 inches.

Anna Kendrick height in feet is 5’2’’. She is just a little bit below the average standard height of women. Kendrick is a talented actress and singer.

Many of her fans fell in love with her voice when they heard in Pitch Perfect and Into The Woods. Kendrick is increasingly focusing on displaying her range as an actor.

Doing comedy is not easy. Having the perfect timing and being witty is essential for a comedy actor. That is why doing more dramatic roles with subtle acting is so easy for Kendrick.

Anna Kendrick measurements

Anna Kendrick measurements include her height and weight. She is of short stature and is reasonably fit. Anna Kendrick is a beautiful woman who doesn’t seem to age!

Anna Kendrick height in feet is 5 feet. Kendrick is also very savvy in all her interviews.

She has a natural charm that comes out during interviews, where she is a pleasure to talk to and watch. As an actor, there are many things you can learn from her.

She is a methodical and hard-working actor.

Anna Kendrick weight

Anna Kendrick weight is 112 pounds or approximately 51 kg. Her weight is utterly natural according to her height and age.

She has a Dress size of 4 according to US measurements. Her feet size is around seven, according to the US standard. Anna Kendrick height in feet is 5’2’’, and her hair color is brunette.

She is also not interested in having children and doesn’t have any children. She was pretty adamant about her stance, which has been the topic of several interviews.

Women not wanting or being interested in children is still seen with uncertainty. But Kendrick is very confident in her interests.

Does Anna Kendrick have tattoos?

Does Anna Kendrick have tattoos? She doesn’t have any tattoos! At least, none that anyone knows.

Kendrick has been relatively private, but she came out in many interviews and stated that she doesn’t have any real tattoos.

In Pitch Perfect, her character and Brittany Snow share a bug tattoo. But in real life, Kendrick doesn’t have any tattoos.

The Pitch Perfect actress is trying to break away from the comedy genre and try out more dramatic stuff. But she is excellent in the roles she does pick up.

You can see that she considers the script and the character she will play very closely.

Anna Kendrick relationship

Anna Kendrick is dating fan-favorite and Barry star Bill Hader. He is a fellow comedian and actor like Anna Kendrick.

They met on the set of ‘Noelle’ and began dating in 2020 or 2021. Both of them are very cute together, and fans love the couple!

Kendrick is quite popular online; she shares many thoughts and quotes online. She is working on some future projects, but not much is yet known.

Her fans look forward to what she does next as an actor and a singer.

Final thoughts

Finally, Anna Kendrick is a fantastic actor who has extensive filmography. She has recently ventured into producing projects.

Her discography mainly consists of the musicals and movies she has done. She hasn’t released any independent music yet.

But most of her songs are very popular, and people love them. Anna Kendrick is a star who still has many things left to do.

It is interesting to watch where she is headed next in her career. You can follow the lead on her online platforms and watch her most recent works!


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