Apple Music gets ‘Donda 2’ album snub

  • Kanye West’s upcoming album, ‘Donda 2’ will not be appearing on popular music platforms such as Apple Music or Spotify. Instead, it’s set to exclusively appear on a proprietary device.

Kanye West, now known as ‘Ye’ said on Instagram that his album will be on Stem Player, a device that allows users to customize songs, particularly its bass, drums, vocals and effects, among others. Stem Player is priced at $200 and came with Ye’s first ‘Donda’ album.

The musician replied that it’s ‘time to free music from this oppressive system’ and mentioned that artists only get 12% of their money from the industry.

Ye previously promised that his album, titled ‘The Life of Pablo’ would not come on Apple Music, but it was released on the platform a month after.

Stem Player can be bought online, and Ye’s album ‘Donda 2’ is set to launch on February 22 this year.


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