wireless patent infringement
wireless patent infringement

Apple’s attempt to get a third trial in its dispute with wireless patent holding firm PanOptis has been rejected by a Texas judge. It means that the Cupertino company will now be expected to pay out $300 million in damages, in relation to the allegation that it willfully infringed on wireless connectivity patents.

Optis – the parent company of PanOptis – commenced legal action against Apple in 2019, over five patents related to 4G LTE technology. This is the kind of tech that Apple and other manufacturers use for wireless connectivity in devices such as the iPhone and iPad, so that users can enjoy ‘on the go’ cellular service.

Optis later emerged victorious, with a court finding that Apple should pay more than $500 million to its opponent in the case. However, in April 2021, a federal judge allowed a retrial on the grounds of “serious doubt” about the verdict.

While the sum was reduced to $300 million after a second trial, Apple argued that it was entitled to a third trial, due to multiple issues with evidence, testimony, jury instructions, and the amount of money awarded to Optis.

But as reported by Reuters, East Texas US District Judge Rodney Gilstrap has now turned down Apple’s bid for a new trial or ruling.

A separate lawsuit is also ongoing between Apple and Optis in the UK, over the same alleged infringements. The prospect has been raised that the outcome of that case could lead to Apple either being banned from selling iPhones in the UK, or making its own decision to exit the UK market.


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