Appzilla. vip is basically a browser hijacker that can be installed on iOS, iPhones, and iPads. the main sole purpose of this app is to create various online promotional material while browsing on its window during web surfing sessions. This promotional content comes in various formats like pop-ups, banners, notifications, pings, on-screen texts, and redirect links. Actually most of the Appzilla. vip and browsers are given the task of actively promoting websites for pay-per-click profits.

It is a popular third-party website that allows its users to download a variety of modded versions of games, apps, music, and anything a user can expect from a third-party app store.

So in case you are also planning to download the modded versions of the AppZilla cash app, then you must first try out its web interface because, from this platform, the cash app can be downloaded and used conveniently.

What is Appzilla vip APK

Appzilla. VIP APK is an excellent platform where you can experience and play approx 100+ advanced and popular games. It is definitely one of the most decent and genuine platforms that provide its users access to the maximum number of applications and games. This appzilla app makes its first appearance in the year 2010. So it has covered almost more than 10 years while serving the users. But the year 2014 has been a worse year for appzilla. The reason was obvious because, in the same year, the app was banned and was removed from the Appzilla app store. This disappointed many ardent lovers of the app.

The popularity of appzilla was huge among iOS users, but is this app still reliable up to the extent it used to be? Let us know more about in detail about AppZilla.

When you download appzilla.VIP apk file on your device is 100% safe and reliable.

Features of Appzilla.VIP APK

Now let us explore the feature of Appzilla that makes it a popular one among its users. Well, there are multiple reasons why people love this app so much. But let us now discuss the primary ones here :

  • It comes with  a Move apps feature that allows users to use internal or external storage to make more app storage available
  • Moreover, it is equipped with an Application Manager using which you can share apps with friends
  • It also comes with a Current user interface style theme that makes it look interactive.
  • You can also Uninstall the app
  • Here you can also move apps to the external storage space available.
  • It also helps to intimate or Notify users about when the mobile app is installed
  • You can also immediately uninstall or move the apps by drag and drop methods.
  • Not only this, but also, you can sort apps by name, size, or installation time
  • However, if you want to share a list of custom apps with your friends, then also it is possible.
  • You have an exclusive feature of the Home screen widget here.
  • It is also compatible with Android ranging from 2-8, isn’t it great news?

Appzilla Vip APK Additional Information

Latest Version:1.2
Package Name:com. fossil.appzilla
Updated on:Jun 21, 2021
Requirements:Android 4.1 +
Developed By:Appic technologies
File Size:36 MB

How to download Appzill.VIP cash app apk?

If you want to enjoy unlimited apps and games, then you must have to follow the easiest steps given below in order.

  • First of all, you have to visit the apkresult.
  • Here you will get redirected to a page where you will get a download button.
  • You have to click on this button to initiate the downloading process.
  • Now go to your browser.
  • Open the browser and look for its download section.
  • In the download section, you will find its apk file.
  • Now you will get an installation prompt where you have to give permissions to start the installation process.
  • Once its installation successfully completed, now what to do? Nothing, just start enjoying the app.

Is it safe to use Appzilla. VIP APK?

well, till now no one can stand firmly in favor or against the app appzilla. So nothing can be said about whether it is safe or not. Since this app is a third-party platform and the purposes of the developers and makers are still not confirmed so many advised to not use this app for a longer period of time.

Also, many reported that appzilla makers use a variety of arsenal methods that funnel users into the revenue generation pages. Usually, it happens with auto-redirects. but many times, it also happens that the hackers change the homepage URL with a sponsored one and may also replace the search engine or browser that usually displays sponsored links. Most of the time, also becomes a point of irritation and irk when it keeps auto directing you to the irrelevant sites or pop-ups.

Google Play Additional Information for App

If you want more details about this app, then must read this. appzilla. VIP APK was released in the year 2010 and in every short duration, it became immensely popular and started getting almost 5-star ranking from all the users. This app was also included in the Google play store category. As this is a very lightweight app, so here users don’t have to panic about the memory space required to store this app. they can relax with eth space they are left with it. This app consumes so little space that anyone can download it with a free mind.

Well, the appzilla.VIP app was first developed and launched by appic Technologies for android users all across the globe so that they can get access to their favorite content for free in one place only.

And you know what’s the best part about the appzilla app?  The app keeps on updating the daily business episodes for the users. As the latest versions are most of the time considered best and are of bug-free nature. If somehow, you are unable to find the latest version of the app then you can request it to be uploaded for you.

Now many users generally ask that whether this app is compatible with only Android or iOS? Or the people who are using other operating systems can also use it? Well, people using any other operating system other than Android or iOS are advised not to waste their time. As of right now, this apk is available only for both Android and iOS. But makers are consistently working on this to make it available for other users soon. So the time is not so far when we will be able to access this app on any platform. But for that, the users have to wait a little longer.

How does the Appzilla app work?

Appzilla app works in a very simple manner. It usually gives some tasks to the users. Users have to compete for the tasks anyhow and once they become successful in completing the task, then in return they get a cash prize, which they can directly redeem into real money in their accounts connected to it.

Is Appzilla reliable or legit?

Yes, it is 100% safe and reliable to use.

Final Words

Hey readers this is all about what you want to know about Appzilla. I hope you would found the post informative. If Yes, then do share it with your friends and family so that they can also take benefit of such an amazing app. Moreover, if you still have any queries, then do write to us in the comment section below and we would love to help you out.


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