Are there any Russian NBA players in the league right now? 


Basketball is a global sport, and the US-based NBA is considered the most competitive professional basketball league. Athletes from around the world strive to compete in the NBA for maximum exposure and more lucrative deals.

While the NBA is dominated by Eastern European stars like Luka Dončić and Nikola Jokić, very few Russian-born athletes have managed to do so. all the way to the NBA. As of now, there have been 11 NBA players born in Russia, although as the current conflict, the history between Russia and Ukraine makes national identity quite complicated.

Viktor Khryapa is proof of this: he was born in Kyiv, Ukraine, in 1982, but he has Russian citizenship and played for CSKA Moscow before and after his time in the NBA.

Are there any Russian NBA players in the league right now?

Based on BasketballThere aren’t any Russian-born players currently active in the NBA.

The three most recent Russian players active in the tournament are Sergey Karasev, Sasha Kaunand Timofey Mosgov. 28-year-old Karasev played in the NBA from 2013-16, playing for the Cleveland Cavaliers and Brooklyn Nets. Kaun attended high school at Florida Aviation Academy before spending four years in Kansas and transferring to the Seattle Supersonics in 2008.

Kaun was actually the last draft pick in Sonics history before the franchise moved to Oklahoma City. Kaun returned to Russia to play for CSKA Moscow before spending the 2015-16 season with the Cavaliers, where he won the NBA championship.

One of Kaun’s teammates on the 2016 Cavs championship team was Mosgov, a 35-year-old midfielder who has played for five different teams. Mosgov played in the NBA from 2010-18, spending the longest time with the Denver Nuggets.


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