Are There Any Tarot Cards That Indicate Pregnancy?


Tarot cards have always fascinated mankind. They have always guided the people to understand their inner self and to enhance their inner connection with the higher one. Every card in tarot represents or points towards something. So the question is that is there any card in tarot which shows pregnancy? Or just give insight to children and babies. The answer is yes, there are reading about pregnancy in the tarot just like there are for marriages and love. So let’s understand some cards in tarot which indicate pregnancy. Of course this for testing about the pregnancy you should always go for pregnancy tests.

The Sun:

The sun is always a positive sign for ladies who want to conceive but are having a problem to conceive. It is said that the sun card is a positive omen for women as it represents the offspring that she wanted but was not coming in your life. So for women who are wanting a baby and are having some problem or the other conceiving, and are trying methods like fertility treatments the sun is a sign that it is working.

The Empress:

The empress card in a tarot is the strongest indication for the same. The empress card anyways represents fertility, childbirth and pregnancy so when it comes it is an obvious omen that pregnancy is a major possibility in your life. Sometimes even you are not aware but your inner self desires for a baby, so the empress card is an indicator for you that you are ready for a baby and it is the right time to have one.

Ace of Wands:

Ace of wands represents the seeds as in the seed in your womb, thus an indicator for pregnancy. Although the ace of wands in itself is not a sure shot indicator but if it is coming with other pregnancy positive cards then it is a very positive sign for a coming pregnancy. One more thing about the ace of wands is that if you are pregnant and the ace of wands comes then it is an indicator of a male child. As this card is a phallic symbol which portrays male.

Page of Cups:

The page of cups has been from ancient times associated with childbirth, fertility and pregnancy. So if this card pops up for you then there is a very strong chance of pregnancy. Although in tarot cards the pages in all are indicators of pregnancy, the page of cups gets a special mention as cups represent family and love and it also represents emotions which associate with being pregnant.

Ace of Cups:

We have seen that the ace of wands represents a male child; the ace of cups indicates a female one. The ace of cups identifies with a woman’s womb. The ace of cups represents emotions and love and this makes it a perfect blend for child birth and pregnancy. The ace of cups also is a sign or omen for enhanced fertility.


There are many more cards like ace of swords, three of cups and six of cups which are also indicators of pregnancy tarot in one way or the other, but the above stated cards are the strongest indicators which are associated with pregnancy, childbirth and fertility.


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