5 Non-Negotiables for Your Assisted Living Facility


There are plenty of assisted living facilities out there, but separating the good from the bad is not always an easy task. There are, however, five main things that are non-negotiable. This means if a place does not provide it, it’s time to look at different options to ensure you will have the best level of care and comfort as you live out your senior years. The guide below tells all.

Somewhere to Exercise On-Site

Physical activity, regardless of how fit you are, is extremely important for any age. As you age, the need for some form of exercise is more important than ever. Supporting your physical strength through movement and tailored physical regimes can do wonders for the body and the mind. Look for a facility like Belmont Village Senior Living memory care in Houston Texas, which offers exercise classes, fitness guidance, and even a swimming pool to help you stay active and give your body what it needs so you can maintain positive health habits.

Social and Recreational Outlets

Secondly, social and recreational outlets are as important as exercise options because fighting against loneliness helps the brain to stay stronger and the mind to stay sharper. Having the option to meet new friends and spend social time together recreationally will be easier to do when there are places on site that support this. Restaurants, classes, nice walks, and more are all things to look for.

24 Hour Care Options

Whether you have medical needs that pre-date the big move into assisted living or not, the peace of mind that there are 24 hour care options will be worth more than words. A place that has a nurse on shift alongside high standards of training for every single staff member is the only acceptable option. It is vital to confirm the level of care options before you sign any contract and move in.

Regular Cleaning Services

It is a fairly standard expectation that there is some level of housekeeping services available as a part of your contractual agreement. The cost should be rolled into what you’re paying to live there, and if it isn’t, there are usually package deals to consider. Housekeeping is regularly dismissed, but it’s actually a brilliant service to have in any assisted living place. With a professional cleaner on board, you don’t have to worry about the bigger, more demanding deep clean tasks in your new apartment. Everything will be hygienic, which combats infection rates, and there will be no adverse consequences of mess and grime.


Finally, never underestimate the importance of on-site wi-fi facilities. The internet is a great tool for staying connected with family and friends, researching, and general recreation. It is a big part of modern life, and even the most tech averse people will find some use for it in their daily agenda.

Non-negotiables are things you can’t do without. Housekeeping is high on this list when it comes to your retirement village, as is a range of good, recreational establishments to keep your mind and body active. Assisted living facilities are better than ever.


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