Judges in the state of Ohio on Wednesday acquitted a woman accused of murdering her former soldier boyfriend. The jury found that although prosecutors demonstrated elements of count 2 – felony assault – the state did not show the defendant did not fire in self-defense.

Audrey Coleaka Audrey Branch34 years old, told police in Carroll County, Ohio, that Matthew Michael Mott, 32, assaulted her during an argument on May 3, 2021. Frightened, she loaded her gun and tried to leave the residence when she saw him again, according to the defense. Cole said that Mott was chasing her again.

Mott lost his temper during the initial argument and grabbed Cole’s head while she was sitting on the edge of her bed, defense attorneys say Chasey Mallory speak. The lawyer said he threw her, sending her head through the wall.

“Her head went through the wall,” the lawyer said in the conclusion. “You will see it. A beautiful shape, perfect as a human head, pierced the wall. “

Bang argued that the fight did not justify shooting Mott, and the confrontation was over by the time Cole opened fire. This is not self-defense. Prosecutors said it was a homicide.

Prosecutors Stephen D. Barnett mitigate Cole’s injury.

He told jurors: “She was not beaten. “You watched the tape. You watched the interview. You have heard the statements. If it was marrow blood, she would have been hospitalized. She will have to wear a bandage on her head. Anything else. Something more. But she was treated and she was released. She was not hospitalized. Therefore, it is incorrect to characterize this as blood-stained pulp.”

As seen on police interrogation footage, Cole told police that Mott had smashed her to the floor and started punching her in the head and face. She said she tried to block him. The baby didn’t even wake up, she said. Mott told Cole to get up.

“I understand why your dad used to hit your mother,” he said, in Cole’s words. “Something like that.” Because you don’t know how to be silent. “
He walked out, she said. Cole gets up, grabs her rifle and ammo, and says she’s trying to get out. Cole stepped out of the room, and Mott came down the hallway from the living room from a close angle. Cole pointed the rifle at him, and he lunged at her, she said. That’s when she shot him, she said.

Mott then wept about the pain. He ran downstairs and outside the mansion, Cole said. In her version of events, she thinks he’s going to bring “something” and come back to get her. Instead, Mott was mortally wounded and died outside the house.


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