You have planned to build a pool, but you are on a budget. But don’t worry. With careful planning, it is possible to build a pool on a budget. You have to consider the following factors before planning your pool.

Backyard size and location

Your pool budget can increase or decrease depending on your backyard location. The quality of soil also greatly affects the construction cost. Getting your soil tested is a good idea before beginning the construction of the pool. This avoids unforeseen problems and overshooting of budgets.

The location of the backyard can also impact construction costs. A level backyard is great for building a pool. Above ground pools are more suitable for steep backyards and backyards at a lower level. Fibreglass pools are available in many sizes which are perfect for uneven backyards. Fibreglass pools are made in factories from prefabricated molds. They can be installed with minimum disturbance in your backyard.

The size and material of your pool

A small pool costs less for installation and maintenance. Large pools are difficult to maintain. A small pool will also leave out plenty of space in your backyard for other fixtures like seating and an outdoor kitchen.

Concrete pools are giving way to fiberglass pools. Fibreglass pools can be installed quickly. They are also easy to clean and maintain as compared to concrete pools.

Use of your pool

If you do not intend to use your pool for diving then you can consider shallow pools. Shallow pools are easier to clean. They also require less water and heat quickly. If your pool is only meant for aesthetic purpose then a small plunge pool will be sufficient. If you want to play games in your pool then you will require a larger sized pool.

Deciding on the use of the pool beforehand will save you from being disappointed at a later date.

Rules and Regulations

Make sure to check the rules and regulations in your zone regarding the construction of pools. This prevents you from getting into trouble with the authorities or getting penalized. Also check the location of the public utilities like electricity, gas etc passing through your backyard.

How to enhance the look of your pool on a limited budget?

Once you have done the research for your pool, you can try to incorporate some ideas which will make your pool attractive and increase its functionality without breaking the bank.

Strong colored pools

Dark colored pools are the latest trend. These pools look warm and inviting. They absorb the sun’s rays and keep the water warm. They also hide slight dust or debris on the pool surface. Fibreglass pools are available in a variety of colors and finishes.

LED lights

Lighting is a necessity to keep the pool safe. Installing LED lights saves a lot of money. LED lights have a longer lifespan and consume less energy. You don’t have to bother with changing your pool lights regularly. LED lights can also be programmed. They are available in various colors. Combining multicolored LED lights can give a scintillating effect to your pool.

You can also choose floating lights to light up your pool. These floating lights are available in various shapes and sizes.

Plants in the landscaping area

Adding plants in your pool area has many advantages. They can provide privacy. Some plants such as rosemary, lemon and citronella can work as natural pest repellents. Plants such as lemon-scented geranium, jasmine and Magnolia produce strongly scented flowers. These flowers keep pests away and your pool area enjoys a pleasant scent.

Water features

There are plenty of water features available in the market like water fountains, waterfalls, jets and scuppers. You can choose a water feature depending on your budget. The sound of a water fountain will add to the relaxing aura in your pool area. A well-lit water feature can be attractive to look at even when you are not using the pool.

Tanning ledges

Adding a tanning ledge to your pool will allow you to enjoy both the sun and water at a leisurely pace. Parents can use the tanning ledge to supervise their children in the pool. Seniors can rest while swimming in the pool. Fibreglass pools come pre-fitted with tanning ledges and steps at no extra cost.

Fire pits in the pool area

Having fire pits in the pool area has many advantages. It gives warmth to the pool area. Burning herbs in the fire pit can drive away pests. Firepits can be custom-made or ready-made. They are made of a variety of materials like concrete, wood and steel. They can be movable or immovable. You can make fire pits in the middle of the pool or in the seating area.

Placing furniture in the pool

You can place seating furniture inside the pool. This is extremely useful when having pool parties. There is a vast variety of pool furniture available in the market to suit your budget.

Pool cleaning and Filtration system

You can also save money by installing efficient heating pumps and filtration systems. Saltwater chlorinators reduce your dependence on chemicals. They work well with fiberglass pools.

You can go for the solar-powered heating system. Variable pumps save you money on energy costs.

Automatic pool cleaning systems save you time and money. Robotic cleaners are expensive initially, but they save money in the long run by making pool cleaning easier.

A swimming pool is a long term investment. A well-maintained swimming pool can increase the value of your home. Do your research carefully. Select a good pool builder. There are multiple choices when it comes to pool lighting, filtration and heating systems. A good pool builder will help you to select the right materials according to your budget.

It is also important to maintain your pool regularly. Regular maintenance will prevent the need to undertake expensive repairs at a later stage. You need to test your water chemistry levels regularly. Store your cleaning instruments carefully. Do not leave them in the Sun. With regular maintenance, you can enjoy your fiberglass pools for a lifetime.


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