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The meanings of entertainment have changed with the introduction of video-sharing web portals. How tall is badboyhalo is a question that will help you understand what different trends have started in this modern world and what changes we have experienced in terms of innovation in the last two decades. Surely a lot has changed in the past, and the innovation in the last two decades is phenomenal, but still, we have a lot to go through, and the world has yet to witness the peak of its innovation.

The innovation in the entertainment sector brought by the video-sharing web portals is extremely amazing. This is why millions of videos containing unique content are being shared on social media, letting us know about the shifting trends of the modern-day world.

How Tall Is Badboyhalo

The famed personality from the internet named badboyhalo is no one but just a boy named Darryl Noveschosch. The badboyhalo is his social media name, and in the past, he was also known as SaintsofGames. This is because of his gaming videos. He got renowned in different circles of the public. But still had miles to go, but the fans started building a bank on his back, and now the number is more than ever.

But the real thing that matters is that they know everything regarding the personality they are following to get the peace of mind that the star they follow is one of the best in the world. People are wondering about the height of the famous Darryl, and it is natural because, with fame, such things are experienced. Thus, according to the details shared by several researchers and after conducting a thorough analysis, we have come to know that the height of badboyhalo is 173 cm or 1.73 m. Also discussed on the other scale, these values will be 5 feet and 9 inches.

The Height Details

This was a huge debate in the past about the height of the famous badboyhalo. In one of the live streaming, he instantly spilled the detail that he has a height of 5 feet and 9 inches mentioned upon his driving license, which is a false detail. He is shorter and might stand at 5 feet and 8 inches. At that time, the fans took his word for it. But later on, the star met another social media celebrity, Antfrost.

After this meeting, both celebrities shared their opinion regarding this meetup. Antfrost shared a wonderful detail: he stands at a height mark of 5 feet and 7 inches, and during their meeting, he observed that Darryl is shorter than him. Therefore, he might be standing at 5 feet and 6 inches. Thus falsifying his claim of being 5 feet and 8 inches tall.

Other Physical Stats

Physical stats of famous social media personalities are trending nowadays. This helps the fans in understanding the physical features of their favourite personalities. Now, since we have already discussed the famous star’s height, it is about time that we take a look at his weight mark. Since this is the second most important detail about any person. Thus, if we take a look, we will know that badboyhalo or Darryl has a weight mark of 68 kgs. In other words, he stands at a mark of 149 pounds.

This amazing detail helps us wonder more about the famous star. Therefore, if we look at his body measurements, he stands at 34-26-38 inches. When combined with the detail of his light brown eyes and blonde hair, all of these physical features surely make him a handsome looking guy.

A Dive Into The Personal Details

The personal details of the social media stars are very important in understanding their personal life and the decisions they have made in the past. This is why if we take a look, we will come to know that Darryl was born on April 2nd, 1995. Thus, if we make the calculations, the star stands at a mark of 26 years of age.

Also, the date of birth helps us in understanding his zodiac sign, that is, Aries. This is not all. We also have more details about his date of birth because he opened his eyes in this world on Sunday. According to the available records, the birthplace of Darryl is recorded as Florida, United States.

Some Important Details About Darryl To Know

Most people are not aware of the details of the family of the famous social media star. But if we take a look, we will know that he has two siblings, one brother and one sister. In one of his live streaming videos, we also witnessed him mentioning his sister’s wedding. In the past, Darryl used to work with specially-abled children.

Now, these are all the details from the past, but if we take a look at the present, we will come to know that he is currently stationed in Florida, and he shares a room with a roommate. One of the most important details about him was that Darryl is claustrophobic.

The Shooting Career And COVID Detail

Some people only adopt facts and details because of their hobbies, but a few want to excel; therefore, they have competitive experience. Similarly, Darryl is also a competitive shooter. He has also named many awards and recognitions based on these skills in the past. In the past couple of years, the pandemic of COVID was ravaging all over the world, and the star was also tested positive for COVID at the end of the year 2020 in December. At the end of the month, he announced that he had completely recovered, and now he was free from COVID.


Life is all about exploring. Therefore, a person must not limit himself. How tall is badboyhalo is a detail that must be learned. It will open several doors of social media upon you giving you access to new information and making you get acquainted with the modern-day entertainment trends.

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