BBalance Review: World’s First Smart Bath Mat 


A bath mat that can monitor your health? Sounds a bit of a stretch, right? Well, that’s exactly what the BBalance claims to be. Self-proclaimed as “the world’s first smart bath mat”, BBalance is an innovative mat designed by Baracoda Daily Healthtech. This is the same company that partnered with Colgate and brought to us the fantastic Hum Toothbrush – which is one of the smartest and best electric toothbrushes of all time.


An Innovation Award Honoree during the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2020, BBalance was first introduced as Mateo. It then went through more research, development, and testing, before it was launched on Indiegogo as BBalance. As of date, it has already received more than US$51,700 on the said crowdfunding platform.

BBalance is unlike any other bathroom mat or mechanical scale. Aside from tracking your weight, it can also read your footprints and give you an idea of your body’s health condition by monitoring your body composition, balance, and posture. Thus, helping bring balance to your life.

That said, BBalance is similar to smart scales. Only, it doesn’t present you with numbers upfront. So in a way, it’s less stressful and terrifying. You can also avoid the feeling of anxiety when you see your weight displayed on the scale.

On the downside, however, BBalance is pricey. At a retail price of US$399, it is a lot more expensive than some of the most popular smart scales in the market, including Eufy by Anker, QardioBase2, Etekcity Scales, and Aria Air by Fitbit. Not to mention that you’ll need to pay a subscription fee, which is valued at US$60 a year if you want to get personalized coaching.

The good news is, you can get the BBalance at a super discounted price (US$229) on Indiegogo and have your first year of subscription for free.


Footprint Recognition

What’s unique about BBalance is that it can recognize you and the other people who will use it. This is possible through its footprint recognition feature. Using advanced pressure-mapping technology, the BBalance captures a high-definition image of your footprint every time you step on the mat then sync data directly to your user account.

That said, everyone who will use BBalance will have a personalized experience with their data locked to their account for privacy. So you and your family can share and keep track of your weight, body composition, posture, and balance with just one device. Your kids can even use it as long as they are 3 years old and above.

Balanced Weight

Some regular scales can give you inaccurate results. This is because their measurement is highly sensitive to your balance. So if you place all your weight on the front of the scale, you’ll see a completely different outcome. Now, to fix this, the BBalance is designed to automatically calibrate your balanced weight, depending on your position on the scale. So it gives a more accurate and consistent analysis that you can trust.

Balance, Posture, and More

Aside from measuring your weight, BBalance evaluates your posture and balance as well. On top of that, it also collects your overall body composition. This includes muscle, water, fat, and bone mass. Plus, it gives you details about your basal metabolism and BMI. Thus, BBalance gives you a more in-depth look into your health than regular scales.

Personalized Recommendations

According to your data and overall trends, the BBalance App will then provide you with daily guided coaching experiences to help you achieve your health objectives and towards a more body-positive life.


MatMaterial: 100% cottonDimension: 31.8 x 22 x 0.07 inches (810 x 560 x 2 mm)Weight: 14.1oz (400g)
Foam BorderMaterial: EVA FoamDimension: 31.8 x 22 x 0.078 inches (810 x 560 x 20 mm)Weight: 4.23oz (120g)
Tech DeviceDimension: 18.3 x 28.1 inches (465 x 715 mm)Weight: 23.1oz (0.65kg)
Full BBalanceDimension: 31.8 x 22 x 0.86 inches (810 x 560 x 22 mm)Weight: 24.9oz (0.707kg)
Weight Capacity From 22 to 440lbs (10-200kg)
Power BatteryLithium-Ion 5000mAh
Battery Duration8 months
Input5V – 1,2A
ConnectivityWiFi & Bluetooth
CertificationsFCC / CE / IC

One of the most notable features of BBalance is its sharing capabilities. Like other smart scales, it can accommodate and track multiple users. For instance, Eufy by Anker can track the health trends of up to 16 users from a single account while QardioBase 2 can recognize up to 8 unique users. BBalance, however, takes this further by supporting more than 100 users in one device. So everyone in your household, including your pets, can have an account and have their measurements automatically read and assigned to them through the Footprint ID feature.

We’d also like to commend BBalance’s amazing battery, which is said to last at least 8 months. This is important since it can be a hassle to charge the device every single day.


One of the biggest appeals of BBalance is its design and aesthetics. Since it’s designed as a bath mat, it looks great inside your bathroom. Unlike many of the smart scales today, it doesn’t look out of place and it won’t get shuffled around the room. It’s thin, neat, and does not take up too much space since it lays flat on your floor.

Even better, BBalance can easily be integrated into your daily routine. Since it’s placed in the bathroom, you can quickly step on it after showering or while brushing your teeth. It automatically collects your data without needing to change controls or push buttons. It’s effortless and looks as well as any other bath mat.

Final Thoughts

The BBalance is more than just a weighing scale. It’s a device that can help you achieve total balance and health by monitoring other important metrics, including muscle, fat, water, and bone mass. It also provides you with general information about your BMI, basal metabolism, and balanced weight. On top of that, BBalance also monitors your posture and gives you recommendations on how to improve it.

Overall, BBalance is similar to smart scales wherein you’ll be given a better and more in-depth look into your body’s health. But unlike other devices, BBalance can monitor your balance and posture. It can even guide you to reach your health objectives and be confident about your body. Now, the question is: is that worth the extra hundred dollars? Well, that’s up to you.


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