Be a Magnet for Success
Be a Magnet for Success

Being successful in business today involves much more than the latest marketing, branding and sales techniques.  To get to the next level requires a big shift in energy, mindset and attitude.

However, I know that maintaining a positive focus when faced with challenges, disappointments and setbacks can be difficult.  Which is why creating the right environment for you and your business will not only help you attract more opportunities but will also see you through any tough times along the way.

Here are my top recommendations that will over time shape the beliefs, habits and actions that you take every day, making you a magnet for success….

To be a successful entrepreneur act like one now.  How would a six-figure business owner show up? Do you look successful, sound convincing, does your image match your brand – are you, someone, personally and professionally, that others would want to work with?

Start to think bigger! If you are already attracting clients, filling your events and selling your products then how can you increase and replicate that now.  Could you be more visible and amp up your activities on a daily?

Set yourself stretch targets in terms of annual, quarterly and monthly revenues.  Write it down and then get creative in how you might achieve it – by, for example, introducing new services or products, increasing your rates, running workshops, extending your business from local to national to international.  Why not have fun generating money and start focusing on the infinite possibilities instead of fear and scarcity.

Be prepared to get out of the comfort zone and embrace risk-taking quantum leaps in life and work will require you to stretch emotionally and financially.  To get out of your current money zone you do need to get out of your current comfort zone.

Live and work in an energy-rich environment.  What and who you surround yourself with will have a significant impact on your thoughts and feelings.  Aim for an inspiring workspace with pictures and images of success.  And fuel yourself with healthy food and drinks that will help you GLOW.

Be persistent – having a big vision, devising a plan and then working that plan will require overcoming obstacles on the way.  With persistence, a strong belief in yourself and high levels of self-esteem you will succeed.  Often it’s about doing things over and over again until you start to get the momentum going.  Don’t give up too soon!

Start and end your day positively.  Success lies in your daily activities.  To support, motivate and protect yourself (from any potential negativity or disappointments), set aside 10 minutes or more every morning and evening for inspiration and ideas by reading, meditating, visualising or writing out affirmations.

Surround yourself with others who support and encourage you to reach for the stars. Top performers in any sport or profession have always had a team around them to coach and mentor them.  To really succeed you can’t do this all on your own.

Finally, in the words of Aristotle, ‘We are what we repeatedly do; excellence, therefore, is not an act but a habit’. By shifting your focus and making small changes daily you will be on the path to success.


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