Best Gaming Mouse For Small Hands – The Ultimate Guide For 2021


Whenever you go to the market or browse online to buy a gaming mouse for small hands, you must have noticed that finding the ideal model is not an easy task. On the one side, you can see a wide range of gaming mice, while on the other side, you end up with limited choices because very few of them seem accessible and suitable if you have small hands.

Some mice are heavy, while the others may not fit in your hands in the way they should. So if you are also looking for mice for small hands, but are still confused and not finding the ideal one, here is the kicker for you.


Key Features

The typical hand size is 7.4 inches; however, some people have shorter hands. If your hand is also smaller than the standard 7.4 inches, you should go with the Logitech Pro gaming FPS mouse with an advanced gaming sensor. The stunning performance and smartness of this mouse will certainly shock you.

Most importantly, it comes off with a Pixart PMW336 optical detector. The weight of this mouse is exactly compatible for small hands because it is only 1.9 pounds in weight, and the size is no more than 4.6 inches.

It is a highly professional mouse that comes up with camping gear and RGB lighting colors.

The Best Part?

The mouse has an onboard memory feature that allows you to save various customized profiles for your favorite games, making it easy for you to store one-trigger custom commands.

If you are going to buy it through Amazon, it will come with a rechargeable battery and a USB cable as well. It would be best to blindly go for this product when you are discontent with dozens of mice but not finding the right one. It is an exceptionally well-performing tool for those of us with small hands that you can continuously use for several hours a day without any pain or discomfort.


  • Presence of a wide variety of adjustable sensitivities.
  • An onboard memory saving option is available so that you can enjoy using your preferences and one-click commands.
  • Provides exceptional fingertip grip for small hands.
  • An excellent option for gamers who want to have a minimalist mouse, but with the necessary buttons.
  • Comes with a rechargeable battery and a USB cable.


  • The utility software of this G Pro mouse is not compatible with macOS.


Are you a professional esports gamer and are looking for a mice for small hands? Well, this could be the mouse for you…

Key Features

After detailed ergonomic research, we have found that this product will meet all of your browsing needs and fit your hand well. In terms of size, it is 4.7 inches.

If you’re looking for a mouse that provides ample area, detailed movements, and flexibility, then it is the best choice that will synchronize with your preferred settings. The good news about this mouse is that it comes with a very long 6.6 ft EC2 cable, made up of flexible rubber, so you do not have to worry about any damage that may occur while using it for unique mousing needs.

After using this product, you will notice that it comes without any unnecessary holes and lights. The scroll wheel feels great, while the click action is more satisfying than most other mice for sale.

No matter the settings, you can always feel its smoothness, and the middle portion will never appear stiff. The most appreciated feature is the adjustment of DPI and sensitivity on the bottom of the product.

It is originally available in black – however, people suggest and want different colors as revealed by the user experiences.

The mouse comes with different available grips, such as:

  • Palm Grip: The top shell of the Zowie EC2 provides natural curves, so that your palm can remain relaxed and work with optimum performance for hours. The grip also offers instant support for your fingers, so that they will not get tired using the mouse after many hours of use.
  • Claw Grip: Most people with small hands usually use the mouse by taking support of it, and then use its support for the curling of the fingers. If you are also a claw grip user, this product will not disappoint you.

Now let’s look at the pros and cons of the Zowie EC2.


  • No matter how small your hand is, you can always use multiple slight-variant models.
  • It has lasting durability and comes with a one-year limited warranty.
  • Driverless adjustable report rate provides customized esports performance.
  • No additional software is required, and you can enjoy a reliable experience, as it is also optimized for FPS games.


  • At first sight, the price may shock you, but it is worth spending the money on.


Suppose you are not particular about any features, and you are looking for the product that can provide premium overall performance. In that case, you should rely on the TECKNET professional ergonomic optical wired computer gaming mouse. It is an incredibly excellent 6D optical gaming mouse with a blue wave sensor. The integration of a 2000 DPI optical gaming sensor also increases its credibility and functionality.

Key Features

If you buy it on Amazon, you will find out that it has a knittable magnetic ring and a golden USB port. The presence of 6 LED lights gives it good functionality when used in a dark environment. It is compatible with all devices. Even if you have a Lenovo Thinkpad with Windows 7, it is still compatible with it. Moreover, you will always enjoy using it for gaming purposes, especially if you are fond of playing League of legend, Mount & blade, Witcher 1 & 2, and Blade & Soul.

It is just 4 oz heavy, and feels exceptionally light, so that you can easily hold it in your small hands. The most exciting thing about its function is that the right and left clicks appear with a slight ticking sound, ensuring that you are proceeding with the usage very precisely.

The most important feature?

Another essential feature of this product is that you can use it on almost any kind of surface, including reflective and transparent ones. The construction of the mouse is very advanced, making it hard wearing and fit for purpose. You can also use it for your unique browsing needs, if you are a boss of a small firm and in the process of hiring people. You will notice that the mouse fits comfortably in your hand, and you will enjoy using it for any purpose and on any surface.

Here it is worth mentioning that this model was perfectly designed for gaming purposes. But now, it has become one of the best gaming mice for small entrepreneurs, business owners, and office workers. The durability of this mouse is also superb and promotes smooth performance.


  • The mouse is exceptionally cheap, and you can enjoy all the premium functionality for a price that wont break the bank.
  • It has excellent comfort, which allows the mouse to fit in a small hand ergonomically.
  • It comes with an adjustable DPI setting.
  • Equally useful for gaming and professional purposes.


  • You may doubt its premium functionality by knowing that it is made in China. Well, it should not stop you from buying this product, because it is well made.


With more than 14k positive 5-star ratings on the Internet and on Amazon, this product deserves to be on best mouse for small hands list. It is specially designed for people who have small hands and are fond of gaming. The manufacturers of this mouse are highly reputable, and are the number one selling gaming peripherals manufacturers in the US.

Key Features

The qualitative analysis of the product means that it can support up to 50 million clicks, and has a two-year warranty.

In terms of its construction, it has a rubberized scroll wheel, mechanical switches, customizable Chroma RGB lighting, and dollar PC headsets. The design of this amazing mouse is second to none, and you will love it when you see its stunning attraction and textured grip.

It is specifically designed for gaming enthusiasts with small hands

Although it looks small, it’s not too small and can easily fit in your hands comfortably. The people who have used it for gaming purposes have reported that it is now their main mouse. However, the experiences of the people using it for purposes other than gaming can differ significantly. One thing is guaranteed, no matter what the purpose of using this mouse is, you will never feel uncomfortable. When you have this mouse, you can expect to use it for hours on end without feeling tired.


  • Extremely comfortable grip.
  • The design and construction is stunning.
  • Excellent overall performance.
  • Provides excellent grip to people with small hands.


  • The software, Razer Synapse, requires you to log in with an account.


This is a gorgeous small gaming mouse mainly designed and built for small hands. It comes up with a 6ft long cable and belongs to the Logitech brand.

Here are some of the key features that set it apart from the other mice.

Advanced Optical Sensor

G502 comes off with a high-quality optical sensor that provides an extremely smooth experience throughout the DPI range. We found the mouse to be extremely responsiveness irrespective of which sensitivity options you are using. The acceleration level will also be zero, and the PMW3366 sensor is an advanced optical sensor that ensures excellent functionality and responsiveness.

Dual-mode Hyper-fast Scroll Wheel

Whether you want to spin quickly through long pages, or play a game where you need very detailed browsing, the dual-mode hyper-fast scroll wheel is always there to help you with precise scrolling. The dual-mode scroll wheel allows you to scroll long pages quickly, and to proceed with slow and customizable scrolling.

Tune to your spaces

Custom RGB lighting, surface tuning, and a wide variety of other balancing configurations reveal the beauty of the overall style and improve the users’ experience. This feature also shows the serious interest of a company in addressing the needs of users with small hands. The core performance and personalized features make it one of the best mice for small hands in our opinion.

If you have ever used other products of Logitech, you will know that they price their products reasonably. This product is no exception.

In 2021 it is still one of the best gaming mice you can buy, because it is an excellent all-in-one device that contains quality, design, grip, and the buttons you need for a great user experience. It also comes up with RGB lighting, and allows you to change the DPI lighting and Logitech logo color.


  • Streamlined software and intuitive design.
  • Big buttons.


  • Although you can change the DPI lighting and logo color, this is a single zone option. It simply means if you change the color of the logo, you have to change the lighting color and vice versa.
  • Not suitable for people with big hands or even slightly big hands.

Gaming Mouse For Small Hands FAQ

What is the most affordable gaming mouse for small hands?

TECKNET professional ergonomic optical wired computer gaming mouse is the Chinese gaming mouse for small hands and is only priced at around the $10 mark. So, if you are very tight on budget, you can opt for this fantastic gaming mouse for small hands.

Which is the best mouse for small hands?

Although the market is flooded with mice for small hands, our experiences and extensive research have clearly shown that only a few brands can provide quality products. Our research has revealed that Logitech G Pro Wireless is the best mouse for small hands, as it is ideal in size, and comes with an ambidextrous design. It may seem a bit expensive, but satisfaction is guaranteed.

Why do I need to buy a small gaming mouse if I have small hands?

When you work online, it is all about the grip, because it enhances your productivity. If you have small hands, you should buy a small mouse, because it will positively impact your productivity.

Who does not need a small gaming mouse?

Remember that small gaming mice are made particularly for small hands, and are not suitable for large-handed people.

When is the right time to buy a gaming mouse for small hands?

Remember, that the average length of the male hand is 7.6 inches. If you feel that your hand is smaller than the standard length,you should immediately buy a gaming mouse for small hands.


It is pretty cool that you can now buy a mouse specialized designed for small hands. Using a gaming mouse for regular productivity tasks and gaming purposes can provide you with comfort and ease of use.

We have made it easier for you yo buy a mouse for small hands by providing the list of the most affordable and highly functional gaming mice for small hands above. After going down through the detailed information that we have provided above, you should be able to choose the best mouse for your hand size.

By the way, now you have read our guide about the best gaming mouse for small hands, what do you think is the best gaming mouse for small hands, in your opinion?

Logitech Pro or the Razer Elite Ergonomic Mouse?

Either way, make a quick comment below, and share your thoughts and experiences with us.

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